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Discussion in 'Forum Help & Suggestions' started by RdKryton, Feb 10, 2010.

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    Actually does sound like a good idea! Would you put it in the clubhouse?
  3. RdKryton

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    Yes Tom.
    The clubhouse would be a good place to have it. We can get people to share their ideas and show off the tricks they have come up with to make our passion for motoredbikes safer.

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    With all the accidents that have occurred recently it would probably be a good idea for a safety forum, get people thinking at least. In the automotive, construction, and manufacturing worlds, safety discussions have been helpful, why not here.

    Agreed, the clubhouse is a good place. We have performance areas, safety would be a good addition.
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    excellent idea...if it keeps 1 person from getting hurt, it is worth it :)
    some people need to be reminded that's all ;)
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    if i could add to the suggestion, you think maybe the "safety first" forum deserves to be right under "general discussion" & before the "let's ride" section as a matter of MB-priority?

    man, this place is really zoomin'...thank you to all the volunteers :cool:
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  8. Tom

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    Yes, I'll get it bumped up there.
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    I am still new to this.....But I must offer deep thanks. I just found this post. I am not as computer savy as one would think. I do have to say that after seeing many horrific things in other areas that I am glad that you posted this fourm and placed it in an area where it could be easily seen.
    Thank you to all here. I will not kiss you for this but I give my wife's permissin to give you each a kiss on the cheek.
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