SAFETY TIP: Open springer forks..




For most people this will just be a reminder, but after almost being punted into traffic at 30mph I thought it worthwhile to post.

Most of you will have seen the springer fork I have on my bike which is basically a single central spring working a pivoted frame.

The problem I had is with the top nuts working lose on the pivot - strangely not the ones that are mounted to the headset. It was lucky I decided to check everything - the toplinks werent even finger tight! :-/

If either had failed I would most likely come off and if both had I would have met the road with my face - not sometime I like the idea of.

Anyone who uses the same forks should check asap as it doesnt show as an obvious problem.

moral of the story is check, check and check again and dont expect loosening just in the obvious places - vibration can cause problems in weird places.

Jemma xx
Good point- I think you mentioned that you had the same basic forks I have- there is not room for a locking washer, so blue loctite may be in order....I lost the pivot nut too....then found it down the block on the road.
Springer forks may look nice--but generally speaking--any made now are only repros; they aren't made especially with durability or functionality in mind.

If you want dependable suspension forks, get some of the mid-price MTB types.
Glad to know this information, because I have been considering a springer fork.
Ya and amen, I've tightened the top 2 nuts several times already in only 250 break in miles ... I've noticed tightening the main shock spring helps, in fact full springer action was getting a might scary over 25 miles an hour and tightening the spring bolt several turns has helped control greatly ... Scuse me if you guys arent referring to the Schwinn style that I think you are talking about.
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Another bolt to check is the main bolt on the spring itself. I was riding down the road and was bouncing a little more than normal. After my post ride inspection I notice I was about to lose the the main bolt. It was mostly me not tightening it up upon the initial build. The springer is great for a little comfort and takes some good bumps.