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i would like to pass on something for the moderator of this forum to ponder ,, ..on the very first page of the forum that there be a heading ,,,

important ,,warning and safety tips from members

this would be a place for members that have been driving these bikes for a while ,could pass on information on safety and what to watch out for ..
these post could be short and to the point ,i am sure there are some member that had close calls and learned from their mistake ,, this would be valuable information especial for new owners

i have been driving motorcycles,,and scooters for over 20 years and this bike with a kit is a different kettle of fish ,its like learning all over again from a safety point of view ,,partly due to the fact that you have to build your own etc.
and mechanical failure could cause a accident

safety tips and warnings would be welcome by all members
well, it's gratifying to see someone reads way back there...lotsa good stuff, eh? but...why didn't you bump (reply to) that topic instead of starting a new one about it? :p

when a topic is bumped, it rises back to the top of the list :)

no biggy, just taking advantage of the situation to make a point to our new members. watch this video, it's hilarious but relevant:

this one's locked, let's take the discussion over there:
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