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  1. eastwoodo4

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    Ive been trying to score a sailboat off ebay from boatangel for a long time but can never keep up with the other bidders.Heres the one im watching now.Item 120448553543 it was at $455 when i posted this.

  2. nhfembiker

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    Good luck, I hope you win :) . $500 is a pretty good deal. That one looks a lot like the one my Dad has... and it provides him a means to get away in the summer (he works for Dartmouth so gets a lot of time off in the summer). He goes away to Block Island in RI and the Vineyard. He sleeps in it, docked in the middle of nowhere.

    I'll keep my fingers crossed for ya :)
  3. eastwoodo4

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    Ill score one before to long.Thats one of my dreams to bounce around on a sailboat for a year or two and live the beach bum life.
  4. Mountainman

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    I have had two sail boats

    with just the breeze pushing one along -- better than a fine -- long song

    good luck -- from - MM
  5. biken stins

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    Good price. Amount of work isn't out of hand.
    One of the happiest days of a mans life is when he gets his first boat. Down the road it becomes 2nd. With happiest being the day he sold it.
    Follow your dreams. May the seas be calm and the skys blue and enough wind to keep your sails full.
    Good Luck.
  6. SimpleSimon

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    You do know the definition of a boat, right?

    It's a hole in the water into which one throws money.
  7. Mountainman

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    almost a first -- SS -- don't think so -- money hole

    I don't disagree with you often SS
    but regarding sail boats I do think you are wrong
    on the smaller sail boats upkeep is almost what we could call -- (((dirt cheap)))
    and to be taken into consideration here
    every time one takes a sail boat out -- it is more than a blast

    very little gas used -- if any -- had one sail boat no motor at all
    repairs ever needed ?? -- fiberglass hull with aluminum mast -- (next to none)

    these are in no way as expensive to keep up as motorized boats......

    ride that thing in the water
  8. SimpleSimon

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    Till you look at the cost of a trailer, a vehicle to haul that trailer, insurance to get on the road with the trailer - or, alternatively, the cost of a marina slip which the boat spends 90%+ of its lifetime tied up in, unused. I don't care how you cut it - a boat is an expensive toy for virtually everyone.

    I've known exactly one guy in my life who dreamed of "going to sea in a boat", and actually did it. He spent seven years building his one master as a single crewed sailer, and saving money - then in 1980 he sailed down the Columbia River and out into the Pacific. Other than very brief visits to family, he has never been back. He crossed the Pacific via Hawaii and Tahiti, and ended up running a mail charter route in the American Samoas, till he married a local girl. With her families assistance, he traded up to a bigger boat and started offering charter services - today he has a 96 foot 3 master which he and his family crew, and do high end charter custom cruises.

    Even a 14 foot aluminum skiff costs to operate, license, insure, etc. My nephew takes his as much as 30 miles out to sea off the Oregon coast fishing for tuna very frequently - I think he is crazy - so does the Coast Guard.
  9. nhfembiker

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    I know my Dad spends about $3000 per year docking his boat. But he belongs to a marina (sorry, not sure if I spelled that right :) ) that does everything for him -- they take it out of the water and store it for the winter, and they put it in the water for him. So he doesn't need a trailer.

    He's put a lot of money and work into his fiberglass sailboat...but its a labor of love definitely. You really have to want one with a passion, and be able to learn what you need to learn in order to fix it. My Dad taught himself all about the basic upkeep and even some advanced fix up jobs... from books and talking to people on forums.

    From the constant smile on his face in the summer... the boat brings him more enjoyment than pain in his wallet. In fact the only time he doesn't smile is when he can't be on his boat.
  10. eastwoodo4

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    You got any personal experience?I do agree that docking it and dry docking for paint and stuff can get rediculous.some people live on them mored off far as insurance goes who needs it?have you seen the boats im looking just think if you complain about the price your whole life youlle never have the experience itself.sailboats go cheaper in cali.maybe ill get one out there and shoot up the coast to I know im a dreamer but you never know.:)
  11. Happy Valley

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    A friend bought a 40' Norwalk Island Sharpie. Cashed in his house at the top of the market in 2007 and lives aboard at a derelict wharf in Boston harbor for $250@mo. lol. No car, just bikes to get around.

    He paid $18K for the boat and invested the rest. Draws a foot of water, will enter shallow bays and estuaries yet can sail bluewater offshore. Sharpies are flat bottomed with daggerboards and he says if need be he'll haul it ashore and put it on blocks and live in it.

    He's convinced when TSHTF he'll be a coastal trader running apples and maple syrup down the Hudson River to the rich folks on Long Island.
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  12. SimpleSimon

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    Honestly, no personal experience at all - boats have never interested me. Aircraft, ultralights, balloons, parasailing were my expensive hobbies in years past. I do know quite a lot of folks with boats, however, from 6 foot bass boats to very large yachts, powered, and sail equipped. In talking with them, every single one has told me about their costs of upkeep, registration, licensing, etc.

    Don't get me wrong - if this is your dream, pursue it, cost be hanged. Just don't kid yourself that there aren't costs, and that they may be substantial.

    I have a friend in southern Cali who has a 26 foot day sailer in her driveway - it gets towed to the coast a couple times a year, put in the water, and she goes sailing for a week or so. She is required by law to register the boat, register the trailer, insure both, and since her daily driver (a new Beetle) won't tow it, she rents a pickup to tow it to and from the coast. Add in the cost of hiring the hoist necessary to lift it off the trailer and swing it into the harbor, then the reverse when she is ready to head home, plus secure parking for the truck and trailer while she is out sailing, moorage fees at dock, etc.

    According to her, the fixed costs just to be able to use the boat - not including consumables or licensing/insurance, run her about $540/week of sailing. Plus, wherever she ties up during her sail, she has to pay dock/moorage fees. Catalina Island cost her $84/day to tie up.
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  13. eastwoodo4

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    i know you have to register it but never heard u have to insure.i know you dont in florida.
    $84 dollars a day to dock is rediculous.that like 2500 a month.i wouldnt pull that often.a few solar panels would take care of electric.

    your freinds with the yachts shouldnt ***** about the cost.

    someone like me would have to stop in towns i like and work.i would really just like to bounce around the bahamas and the keys for awhile.
  14. eastwoodo4

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    Thought these were cool.

    "Only two sailors, in my experience, never ran aground. One never left
    port and the other was an atrocious liar."
    -Don Bamford

    "Out of sight of land the sailor feels safe. It is the beach that
    worries him."
    -Charles G. Davis

    "The pessimist complains about the wind; the optimist
    expects it to change; the realist adjusts the sails."
    -William A. Ward

    "The sail, the play of its pulse so like our own lives: so thin and yet
    so full of life, so noiseless when it labors hardest, so noisy and
    impatient when least effective."
    -Henry David Thoreau
  15. sparky

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    Nice... Finished at $4,350. Not bad. I'd much rather have that sailboat than my BMW.

    I guess I've got a new life plan.
  16. eastwoodo4

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    guess i got one more a hole to deal with on ebay!lol jk
  17. eastwoodo4

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    Lets see how high the idiots drive this peice of **** up to. item#110418140752
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  18. Chris Crew

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    Bust. Out. Another. THOUSAND!

    I love boats--they are organic, they are iconic, they represent what is over the horizon. They are beautiful holes in the water into which you can toss lots of money. I'm down to five on my property now, but a thirty footer is on the drawing board.
  19. sparky

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    How big of a money hole could a TRUE sailboat be, tho??

    I'm thinking a trimaran, like Kevin Costner had in the movie Waterworld, would be an awesome tool I might need to invest in.
  20. seanhan

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    Sailboats can be expensive

    I had 3 at the same time a few years back..

    Irwin 21"
    Vanguard 15

    The hot sun degrades them, duck ****, wasp nest, storm damage,

    It was too cold to sail in the winter and too hot and no wind in the summer...

    But alot of fun my Laser would plane like a jet ski !!!!!
    lot's of fun to be hauling *** without a engine...

    And once you really learn to sail good you dont forget it ....