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    I am presently living on a sailboat in Florida, actually I have 2 big sailboats down here, and that's one too many. After I sell the old one I'm planning on sailing the new one around the world. I will have a bike on board, I've made a couple folding bikes already and a folding gas trailer too. These can all be seen on my website

    I plan to have a removeable engine on one of these bikes and hopefull get it all down to a package that can fly on a plane with me in standard baggage. I'll probably use a 2 cycle engine, since it should be easy to purge it of gas fumes and I might make it use a pop bottle (disposable) for a gas tank. I would need to carry a small bottle of mix oil and pedal to the nearest gas station, buy a bottle of pop, consume, it and hopefull motor away. I will probably use plastic mag wheels for saltwater resistance.

    I plan to learn a lot from these forums, I've already read a couple from start to finish. I have always been a welder and mechanic and have a very nice machine shop at home, I even have a respectable machine shop on my big boat, with lathe, mill, 10KW generator, welder, hyd press, and plenty of other tools. I have always been a do it myself kind of person. My first car was a homebuilt VW dunebuggy. I was the first person in my neighborhood to have a 10 speed bike back in the late 60's. It was not uncommon for me to be 40 miles from home on a Saturday afternoon when I was 14, normally riding around Princeton Univ., pretending I was college student, checking out the Coeds, LOL. I'm still loking for a wife, and still want kids, in fact that's one of the main reasons I'm sailing around the world. Other than just because I've never done it and I enjoy exploration and travel. I've backpacked, kayaked, canoed, motorcycled and camped most of the US and Canada. Been to every state and province but Hawaii and the maritime provinces. I'm working on those with this next trip.

    I have been watching the 70 and 80 cc engines sell on eBay and a Google search brought me here. I have also been looking at weed wacker motors and such. I still completely up in the air about which way to go motor wise. Any ideas ar completely welcome. I've always got about a dozen hot projects going at once, this one is luke warm, another "hot" topic is an induction hot plate for my boat to replace the propane stove. Propane is very dangerous on a boat, it sinks to the bilge and awaits an ignition and then has a bad history of ending your sailing career with a bang.

    Have a great day. Jon

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    If you want to see my folding bike and gas (now diesel) trailer, go to my 2nd webiste about half way down this page.

    This bike was made to come apart in 2 peices with plastic plumbing quick connects, and the trailer is made from a modified high speed jogging baby carriage and a couple of 2x4s. If you're really interested I've got plenty of good pictures I could email.
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    I have finally built a weedwacker motorbike. It has a 19 cc engine, it is direct friction drive on top of the back wheel. It works great, 20 mph without pedal assist, 25 if I help, 2 revs of the pedal every 10 seconds to bump it back up to 25 mph, and it gets 330 mpg. I couldn't beleive it when I first calculated it. This is all on flat ground in south florida. The drive wheel is slightly smaller than 1 inch in Diameter, it's a grinding drum, made of grinding wheel material. The engine is a 2 cycle, it should be turning a little faster, so a smaller drive wheel would be better, next time I'll shoot for 3/4 inch. I've got a couple 4 cycle weed wacker motors for the next version, should have one of them up and runnning in a month or two. My boat is 5 miles from town, I go to town everyday to check email. I haven't driven the car since I got this running. I even go to yardsales with it, if I buy something big I'll have to come back with the car. With hills you might want a 1/2 inch diameter "hill gear". I've thought about a removable sleeve to change gears.
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    I also now have a folding bike that fits carry on luggage. It has full size wheels, they are the magic part of the bike, making them fit carry on, I should be able to get a patent on them if anybody wants to get into production. I'd be happy to show you what I've got after signing non disclosure documents. Basically what I've got proves concept. I've got 20 miles of rocky Arkansas back road testing on the new wheel.
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    Hi Jon,

    I just found your thread, and am impressed with your resourcefulness!

    How many cubic feet does your folding bike take up? Would a Dahon 20" folder work better for you? My first motorized bike was a Dahon from a sailor who'd had it on his boat. A Subaru engine on friction drive would get it up to 27mph max. Then I installed a 2.2hp Mitsubishi engine w/chain drive. The bike got faster and more squirrelly. I removed the engine and sold the bike before I killed myself.

    Is your bike 26"? Any pictures?

    330mpg is astounding!

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    I enjoyed reading your blogs @ your website, especially about resurrecting Steeling Time.

    And then there's your folding bike, lol.
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    I have some pictures on my website on the for sale pages and I think some of the other pages. I have lots of other pictures on my computer. I have ridden 10 speeds for close to 50 years and can't stand to ride a bike with small wheels, my bike is 26 inch. I would guess it takes up maybe 3 cubic feet but never measured it that way.

    The last time I checked the 4 cycle ryobi I got 278mpg, and it will do close to 35 or more, I need to get a different carburator, a gavity feed one. The diaphram fuel pump doesn't work with with this load and speed.

    Jon Held

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