Saint Louis Meetup - Saturday May 15th

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  1. Molotov256

    Molotov256 Member

    DATE: Saturday, May 15th @ 1:00PM

    LOCATION: Forest Park @ Upper Muny Parking Lot

    The weather's getting nice, and it's time to ride. Go ahead and get your ride running right and bring it down to Forest Park for another Meet n' Greet! This year, let's plan on doing it tailgate style - everybody BYOB as you see fit, and if you've got a charcoal grill, bring it down. Let's show Saint Louis how easy and fun it really is to ditch the SUV and get rolling on 2 wheels!

    Come prepared to make some friends and cruise the park and outlying areas.
    This is a great opportunity for local motorbike enthusiasts and hobbyists to connect with like minded individuals, so mark your calendar. Here's a few suggestions to make the meetup as kickawesome as possible:

    • Clean your garage and bring your spare parts! One man's trash is another man's treasure, so whether you've got some old pedals, gaskets, carbuerator pieces, nuts, bolts, axels, wheels... whatever you've got kicking around, you're likely to meet somebody who could use it.

    • Bring along some basic tools. Even if your bike doesn't need repairs on site, somebody else's probably will, and the MBc community is always ready to help.

    • Food & Refreshments - Got a grill you can bring? Got some extra coals? If not, could you bring a couple of bratwurst? Let's all pitch in. Sound off in the message boards and let us know what you can bring.

    • Don't forget to bring some trash bags to pick up after yourself. We can't afford to soil our reputation by leaving a bunch of trash behind.

    If anybody's got any other ideas, of course, chime in. Let's use this public thread as much as we can to encourage community discussion. Look forward to seeing you there!
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  2. JohnGrahamIV

    JohnGrahamIV New Member

    Well said.

    I'll bring brauts.
  3. mlcorson

    mlcorson Member

    I'm planning on being there May 15th.
  4. JohnGrahamIV

    JohnGrahamIV New Member

    Rained Out.

    We will reschedule.
  5. Molotov256

    Molotov256 Member

    Bummer about the :poop: weather... look forward to getting this rescheduled.
  6. JohnGrahamIV

    JohnGrahamIV New Member

    Saturday the 22nd

    I can do Saturday the 22nd if it works.
  7. STL Sparky*

    STL Sparky* New Member

    Is there any possibility this is still on in the near future?
    Weather on the 15th was RAIN, RAIN, RAIN...and I only read this posting today (May 23rd), So I missed the boat again if there was a ride/meet going on in Forest Park yesterday.
    Its a HOT one today ;)
  8. Molotov256

    Molotov256 Member

    We've been fighting with both weather and schedule conflicts as of late, but this thing is going to happen one way or another. As of now I think we're looking into July sometime. That'll give everybody time to spread the word and convince their neighbors to build a few bikes, too!
  9. STL Sparky*

    STL Sparky* New Member

    Sounds good! Keep us posted ;)
  10. mlcorson

    mlcorson Member

    I was at my barber today, and he said he saw a group of MBers up near the St. Charles Arena last week or so. They were riding along side the Katy Trail.
    Anyone know of a group of MBers in that area?
  11. JohnGrahamIV

    JohnGrahamIV New Member

    No but hopefully they'll get to talking.

    I want to post this on this board too:

    I found a great site while hanging Gypsy Moth traps for MDC.

    lambert international airport - Google Maps:,-90.417824&spn=0.023959,0.037336&z=14

    I wanted to hotlink that****************** but don't see how...

    Any way O'Connor Park has restrooms, tennis courts, baseball and soccer fields, a nice pavilion. And the buyout area north of the airport would be great for our purposes. A huge subdivision on both sides of 270 where the homes have been removed.

  12. STL Sparky*

    STL Sparky* New Member


    I was approached by someone inquiring about my MB, and they were telling me about a gang of MB's they saw here in the downtown area of STL. I too would like to know more.
    Last year I seen a couple MB's parked outside a McDonald's in Saint Charles area.
    More info on the GANG please:detective: