Sale of GEBE/Tanaka 40

Sale of GEBE/Tanaka 40 TRADED & GONE

I TRADED a brand new GEBE / Tanaka 40 kit I got 2 days ago. Does not work with some of the stuff I want to use and I will use another kit. I got rid of it 5 hours ago.
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I have someone talking already. I just got my Sick Bike Parts shift kit and love the way it looks and is designed to work. It fits my bicycle origins better than any other set up. I will just have to live without experiencing the GEBE wonders of flight. I can probably only keep 2 bikes for now and have one on the road and 2 in the works. So far I have not even opened most of the GEBE kit. I can see the twisted spoke thing does not quite line up.
Traded my GEBE away so I won't be flying the Eagle.

Well for the record it went about 5 hours ago. No more for sale or trade with Lenny today. Thanks for the interest.
I really wanted to buy the kit and save the wait, BUT I'm still trying to decide a few specifics. Now that it's gone I can quit sweating over it.
I knew that as popular as it is somebody needed it. Steve I sure enjoyed seeing and hearing you get the bugs worked out of yours. I'll let you know when I get my stretch frame going and what I do with it. I would like to know the history of the stretch bike. Here they call it a world bike. I once donated about 20 old bikes to Nicaragua for a bike project where they would fix them up for transportation. I think they called the project Bikes not Bombs back about 1990. Don't remember too well I could be a revolution or a year off.


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