[Sale"s OVER]43cc, 49cc & 52cc 2-Stroke Engines For Sale Starting at $129

Discussion in 'Dealer Advertisements' started by BestBikeEngine.com, Sep 6, 2008.

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  1. BestBikeEngine.com

    BestBikeEngine.com New Member

    BestBikeEngine.com has everything you need to motorize your bicycle or scooter and have fun. We sell top quality 52cc, 49cc and 43cc engines for bike engine kits. You can use our engines for any application that you may want to add some power to. Our Engines are great for motorized bicycles, motorized scooters, pocket bikes or any type of motorized hobby and sport. Our Engines have a centrifugal clutch that can be used in many applications. You only need a little creativity to adapt our engines to just about anything to get some power. Be safe and have fun.


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  2. Happy Valley

    Happy Valley Active Member

    Can't make out the label, what's the brand engine?
  3. BestBikeEngine.com

    BestBikeEngine.com New Member

    Thanks for the interest.

    These engines are Chinese manufactured engines which really have no brand name. Many companies in china make the same engine and put their logo on the pull starter. I have tested the engines out thoroughly and can say that they are the best bang for the buck for bike engine kits.

    These engines are commonly used with pocket bike applications but with our engines we include the factory stock fuel tank which can hold 1.5L of gas. The 52cc engine is the fastest and most powerful engine I have ridden and I have been a motor bicycler for 10+ years. I have been clocked at a max speed of 45mph... No Joke... I was full throttle at dangerously high RPM's and I don't recommend to do this and I was also going down hill. On flat surface the 52cc will hit 35mph easily, the 49cc about 30mph and the 43cc about 27mph.

    I have it pictured on the website mounted with a Staten bracket but I will soon be taking pictures of our engines with the BikeMotorParts.com bracket which is a great bracket for a great price. The Staten bracket is also very high quality, it is just more expensive.

    If you have any other questions about our engines, please ask as I am just getting back into the business and am going to soon be offering the 80cc all in one unit as well as a lot of cool accessories...

    Here is a link with more pictures of our 52cc engine:


    And here is a link to our YouTube page showing our Bike Engines in Action:


    ~~~ Be Safe ~ Have Fun ~~~

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  4. Happy Valley

    Happy Valley Active Member

    I'm more interested in reliability and utility than speed. What's the warranty with the engine?

    Are they CARB Phase II approved?

    They are very loud....any secondary noise reduction available?
  5. BestBikeEngine.com

    BestBikeEngine.com New Member

    The warranty is 30days for any defective part replacement.

    As far as CARB Phase II, I am not certain and believe that they probably are not? I am checking further with this as I am getting mixed answers from different sources...

    They really are not that loud as compared to other 2-strokes in their cc category. In the main YouTube video the volume levels were raised too high when I edited the video.

    Thanks :arrow: These are all very good questions...
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  6. s_beaudry

    s_beaudry Member

    In all fairness, and being unbias here.....

    I had the 43cc engine with the stock muffler and I have to admit it was louder then my 66cc HT engine and a Poulon 25cc engine at idle and throttle opened.

    It may have just been my engine, but even with the electric start, it took more then a few seconds to get it to start!
  7. TwoWalks

    TwoWalks Member

    No questions about the engines - nope, not at this time.
    No questions about the BikeMotorParts.com bracket - nope not at this time.

    I do want to say...

    Welcome to the board
  8. wavygravy

    wavygravy Guest

    looking forward to see the developments with this engine? any mileage reports ect?
  9. conradcliff

    conradcliff Member

    I'm curios about these engines as well, I've seen these engines floating around at a couple of sites. Has anyone else had any experience with these that they could share?

    Also, I wasn't able to find the bikemotorparts.com bracket on the website. Could you take a quick pic and throw it up for us to see?
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  10. thescooterguy

    thescooterguy Member

    i use these motors allot with my kits and what i know about them is that they will run forever and the parts to repair them are easy and inexpensive to get , the motor will run as well as it is putt together . its all about tolerances
  11. rawly old

    rawly old Member

    They appear to be identical to the harbor freight 49/52cc auger engine, also
    available from Monsters parts. These are good engines of better quality than
    many other Chinese engines, but need a proper breakin at 16 to 1 for the
    1st gallon, 25/30 to 1 thereafter. I'm not concerned with speed and mostly
    run just fast enuff to keep it engaged unless climbing. They have a remarkable
    amount of torque for the size. I got my friction drive from LEB(BFG) for $187
    with engine & everything + free shipping. They have since gone up to $219, but well
    worth it. It has a cogged drive roller that works great with knobby tire. I
    love this kit. You can download the manual and order parts from the Harbor
    Freight site.
    AS for noise, i'm fabricating my own glass pac/ cat. converter with some 3"
    glass tape , a gold anodized coffee filter, some sheet metal from a stove pipe.
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  12. adb140275

    adb140275 Member

    These engines are made by Huasheng. I'm surprised that someone who is selling them doesn't even know that. they are clones of Mitsubishi engines.

    If you are selling them, you best know your stuff about them... just my opinion.

    These are good engines though, I loved mine.
  13. Wheres my dog

    Wheres my dog New Member

    Just happened by this site to check it out...

    All engines are out of stock right now... hmmmmmm, flag raised!

    $29 for a throttle assembly??? In the picture it is a plastic brake lever and a brake cable... $29???
  14. srdavo

    srdavo Active Member

    This thread is nearly 3 years old.

    Just sayin'.....
  15. Richard H.

    Richard H. Member

    Yup, they were out of stock after a couple months, been over two years IIRC.
  16. u2smile

    u2smile New Member

    Great you put this AD in here and I have gone to your site only to find you have no engines in stock...

    I and our money will be moving on now...
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