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    :grin5:Well the motorbicyclers in Oregon's Willamette Valley had the first meeting of the Salem Motorized Bicycle Club. We met at "The Clockworks Cafe" in Salem. It looks like we will continue to meet here on the Second Sunday of each month. There were 4 rider/builders at the first get together. Hopefully as soon as the weather improves we can ride to the cafe and have some group rides in the area. We had a great time getting to know each other and swapping stories and questions. Anyone is welocme to come join us for our next meeting Febuary 13 at the "clockworks Cafe" 241 Commercial St. in Salem OR. I hope to see more Oregon riders soon.

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    Looking forward to a ride in Jefferson in March or April in the Jefferson area. Check out the Salem Motor Bike CLub @!/pages/Salem-Motorized-Bicycle-Club/180981985263023
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    Should be a great time indeed!
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    Once we actually pick a day maybe we can post it all over and try to invite anyone from Oregon to come join us. I have to go turn on my computer later to check out the Facebook site. I'm really looking forward to it as well. It looks like I might be able to get some riding in this weekend. I did get in a 20 minute errand run yesterday. If the suns out when I get up I'm going to try to get out and on the road for some coffee.
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    SMBC Ride

    Meeting all you guys and some I had known prior was great. I hope that my bike is done and I am able to break it in before the ride...most likely not, but you never know. How long does it take to break these China-motors in???

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    I'd say 2 tanks of gas at least. Use regular non synthetic oil at first, I mixed 16 to 1 then 25 to 1, then 32 to 1. I would ride for 15 or 20 minutes let it get hot, then stop and let it cool all of the way off, then do it again. This is to set the piston rings. After the first 2 tanks I continue to run a 32:1 mix but I switch to full synthetic Amsoil Saber 2 stroke oil. Some folks go 50:1 but I'm leary of that, we should ask the other guys what ratio they use after break in. I run my special "hillbilly lightning" fuel mix which is 1 gal. of 87 octane unleaded with no ethenol, 4 oz. of Amsoil Saber oil (128/4=32) and 4 oz. of nitromethane model airplane fuel which is 30% nirtromethane, 10% castor oil, and 60% methenol. You have to go to the fuel distributor to get "clear unleaded" that has no ethenol in it. I love it, I get 100mpg, use regular carb jets & exhuast, I weigh 190 and I cruz at 35mph with throttle to spare. Fastest Ive been is 43 (way to fast for a bike). I sure hope you get it built and broke in in time to go on the group rides too. Good luck and ride safe.
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    Thanks Ken for your detailed advice...I greatly appreciate it. I am looking forward to having it completed so I can ride in time. I am sure Steve will get it finished by then and in time for me to ride with you guys. - Eric
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    Hoping for dry pavement Sunday

    I'm hoping that the rain will let up or be past by Sunday so I can ride to our next meeting. I did get in a ride today, constantly tuning in. I have just over 80 miles on this motor and I still have over a full tank left from my first gallon of hillbilly lightning. At this rate I'll be over 130 miles on a gallon. I'm getting over 40 miles a tank so it's at least 120 mpg. I hope it's dry Sunday so myself and others can ride downtown. I hope everyone can make it for some coffee and jawing about our rides.
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    April Ride in the Oregon Countryside

    The Salem Motorized Bicycle Club will be having our first spring ride on Sunday April 17, riding from Jefferson Oregon to Crabtree Oregon and return. We are all hoping that the weather will improve before then so we can have a dry ride. Several club members are building furiously to complete new rides for spring. You can see their progress on our Facebook page "Salem Motorized Bicycle Club" We will meet in downtown Jefferson Oregon for the ride. We will post parking details as the event gets closer. Anyone is welcome to come join us, in fact we'd really like to meet some riders from other parts of Oregon so come on down and ride.
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    Next ride is May 15 Rogue Ales hops farm

    We'll ride from Jefferson to independence to the farm and back. 50 miler. Everyone is welcome.
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    Next ride is May 15. To Rogue Ales hops farm

    We will be riding from the Jefferson city parking lot to Independence. Then to the hops farm for beer and snacks then return to Jefferson it's a 50 miler round trip. All Oregon and Northwest riders are welcome. It was such a great ride last time so we are doing it again. Please join us if you can.
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    stiil there?

    I brought my bike from eastern Oregon and am now here in salem for a short time, a month or so maybe. I would really like to find out If you all are still around and would really like to do this Jefferson ride if your still doing it. took my baby all over town today because the weather is so nice, from brooks to the capital and cut over to Lancaster and back up to brooks, you know what I found? slower then a car, faster[​IMG] than any bicycle but keeping up with traffic, even on lancaster. for all the traffic on the road, I was out there alone!

    please contact me if your still biking in or around salem

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