salt flat whizzer

Discussion in 'For Sale' started by bill green, Apr 13, 2009.

  1. bill green

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    It should be going to the salt flats but work slowed down so its for sale...I started with a 2008 NE5 26 inch ,,stripped frame , gusseted , powder coated , chromemoly axles , rinolite doubled rims . armadillo double kevlar tires , thorn gaurd tubes , angled seat post , flamed seat , 1.7 gallon tank , 27mm clip on bars , promoton throddle , superbike grips , ultralite levers , knurled bar ends , ultralite pedals ,(THE ENGINE), skf ball bearing , torrington needle bearing , welded high lift cam , lighten mushroom lifters , WC1 right side cover , lighten flywheel with advanced ign. , bored .040 over with cam ground piston , cylinder milled .060 for zero deck , intake & exaust runners ported , CNC 20cc billet head with more fin area , 26mm PZ carb , K&N air filter , 70mm auto clutch with four bearings & INA sleeve . Works great $3500.00 Bill Green 360-601-4486:scooter::

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  2. Snake Bite

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    Very Cafe' Looks like a screamer...
  3. augidog

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    well, doggone it, bill...but i understand...i do think we can go ahead and believe that this crunch is going to get better eventually, THEN we'll do us some racing, eh?

    how fast had you been expecting her to go?

    don't forget you're always welcome to take a budget-break here in OP :cool:
  4. bill green

    bill green Member

    Thanks Snakebite .. Hi Augi Before I detuned the heck out of it. I was looking at about 70mph at 5000 ELV at 90 deg. I am looking forward to some future wide open throddle. I have already started on my next rocket motor. need more power!!!!! Have Fun..Bill
  5. japster

    japster New Member

    holy **** that is kewl
  6. bill green

    bill green Member

    Thanks Japster I will be installing the prototype billet side cover as soon as its done..Bill
  7. graucho

    graucho Active Member

    I cant take my eyes off of it. Its surely not your typical looking whizzer. Great bike! Im going back to look at it some more.
  8. bill green

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    Thanks Graucho Just dont go in the light.........Bill
  9. bill green

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    Hi Guys I will be testing the new billet side cover on this bike tomarrow ALSO I will start testing on A performance CDI box and hot coil . Will keep you informaned.. Bill
  10. bill green

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    Hi All I added more stuff to the salt flat bike . Billet side cover , hotter CDI and COIL . New price $ 3650.00 Bill Green 360-601-4486:party::patriot:

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  11. bill green

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    :rambo::rambo::rambo:Hi all I went for short ride yesterday and it moves good , need to give my self more space to stop at these speeds ...wasnt over done on the brakes after all it was built for bonniville . but what A kick .. Have fun ....Bill the blurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
  12. azdragoon

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    I love the look of that bike. What engine is it? Got a link to where I can get one and how much?
  13. bill green

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    Hi That is A custom built Whizzer motor with billet head and side cover . I built it...Thank you ..Bill
  14. bill green

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    Hi all I have decided to take the salt flat bike off the market at this time.. I am having way to much fun making it go faster and faster and faster... So I hope thats OK ..Bill Green
  15. loquin

    loquin Active Member

    Don't blame you a bit, Bill.