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  1. I love the site and have gone green over the quality of the custom builds.

    I have 3 motorised bikes at the moment but i am looking to purchase some new rides to add to my personal stock.

    Unfortunately i have no mechanical capability or interest in developing it even though i own a mech engineering company - go figure! So i need to buy fully completed bikes from someone who knows how to buld them properly.

    I am looking to buy 2 new bikes immediately - a fully sick motorised mountain bike and an equally classic cruiser style - i will have an add in the buy and sell area in the very near future.

    Further more i have a few friends locally (Tasmania, Australia) who are interested in starting an off-road motorised bicycle racing club so if you have any ideas please let me know where to look.

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    Welcome to MBc, Mike!
    We have sponser links on the left side of the page, and your placing a comment in the buy/sell forum might get you hooked up with a custom builder.:grin::cool:

    Summer time seems to bring out major enjoyment from everyone!
    Its a tsunami of new members from "down under" where its warm,,,,and I'm jealous. Again, Welcome!

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    Welcome to MBc. :cool:
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    Welcome aboard, Mike
  6. thanks for the welcome

    Thanks guys and yes Aussies are growing in numbers - i was suprised myself at the number using the site.

    Also thanks for the link - i am realy enjoying the flow of information.

    Can anyone sugest a custom builder who might want to do a special for me?:grin:
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    it takes about a week for everyone to check in here...we have a few very good builders here who might be interested, but what about global shipping? is that a concern?
  8. Custom bike

    I realise that shiping may cost up to $600 but i am not too concerned with that provided i can get the right bike(s) - basically nothing in the custom arena is happening in Australia and the caliber of some of the bikes i have seen on this site prove that quality is worth paying for. There is also potential for a market here particularly for radical custom mountain bikes.:smile:
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    Welcome Mike,
    You could start the "custom arena". The true custom bike for you is the one you build. You will enjoy it a million times better than any bike made for you. The pride that comes with riding something you built is great. I had no patience for skills before I got here, but like you I was inspired by all the "custom" bikes" and built 2 bikes I'm extremely proud of. None of it could have been done without the help of everyone here.
    I really encourage you to try and build your own. Borrow ideas from here, take your time and have fun.
    That's just my honest opinion from experience. There are a few guys here who build bikes though, that I would be honored to buy a bike from.
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  10. Thanks for your honesty Scotm and nice to meet you:smile:.

    I think one day given different circumstances i may embark on the road to manual enlightenment but i just dont have the facilities or time at the moment.
    I have had a career where i design custom components and engineering facilities - thats my thing - never have i done manual work so at this stage i will have to settle with enjoying someone elses creativity but you are right - i would get more pleasure from my own creation - a future goal.
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    I understand Mike. I have 2 kids, 1 adopted and the other custom built at home.:grin: I love them both equally.;) Which ever choice you make, you will be happy. Just like both my bikes they have different temperments and personalities.
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    welcome to MBc ! :D
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    Welcome to MBc.
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    I am with Scott. These things are simple and addictive. You can start with a trimmer motor with a direct roller friction drive for little $$ or one of the Happy Time engines you can get down there. Have fun and welcome from the Giant Side of Texas!