Salutations from Salt Lake City


New Member
Jan 24, 2008
Hello all,

My name is Guy and I'm very happy to have discovered this little burg on the 'net. It has been a lifetime dream of mine to build a steam-powered velocipede mini-zeppelin to travel over my fair city. However, since that it a little beyond my ken, I'm more than happy to settle for jerry-rigging one of the fabulous motorized bike-combos I've seen others here enjoy.

I tend to dislike cars in general and am more of a cyclist for various reasons (economonic/environmental/social/physical). However navigating around the hilly avenues and streets of Salt Lake's neighborhoods on sole pedal power can be wearying. I'd been thinking of going the electric bicycle route, but motorized bicycles seem to be an intriguing niche alternative as well, with a little more hill-climbing oomph.

Not much of a gear-head, so I'm more leaning more to the GEBE arena. I'm happy to find this forum and hopefully can find some useful consultations/opinions from the resident experts.

--Guy, SLC



Welcome to MBc. Like I advised another new person,,,, go to the picture gallery and see if anything strikes your fancy, then search out topics about that motor / style mounting.
Read, read, and then read some more, its all here,,,, somewhere.