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    My name is Sam Smedley and I'm completely new to this motorbike thing. I live in North Las Vegas and I'm still in high school. I'm looking to build a new cruiser to get me to and from work, which isn't to far, about 5 miles. Also, I'm going to college next year in Cedar City, UT at Southern Utah University. I want a bike that'll be my commuter up there. I'm looking at a Firmstrong Bruiser Prestige as my bike and a happytime kit, probably a Grubee Skyhawk 66cc Angle Fire. Help me out. Thanks

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    if you want some good advice... dont but a grubee or any other ht 2-stroke, they are garbage. They are fun to play with but constantly need to be worked on and adjusted to avoid catastrophic failure... not good for reliable transportation.

    I would look at a staton friction drive or a Golden eagle kit. My personal engine preference is for the robin/subaru eho35 because you dont need to mix the gas and its HIGHLY reliable. Its one of the only engines you will find that is actually made in japan... all the others are made in china or taiwan.

    if you are interested here are the two kits I mentioned... both are easier to install than the grubee kit and will last5 times longer or more. IMHO these are the best two kits out there hands down. If you are going to need this bike to get you to class on time, seriously consider one of these two kits. If it rains a lot where you are going I would recommend the GEBE kit because the roller on the staton kit tends to slip in wet whether.

    scroll down this page... the kits are towards the bottom.
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    Welcome to the forum. Cedar City is near the canyon lands, providing unparallelled scenery and outdoor activities. Nice choice. There is also one of those mountain bike parks nearby, providing plenty of trail and obstacle riding (pedal power only).
    A two stroke is fine if you don't mind a little tinkering and bolt tightening. They are not Toyotas.
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