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    My name is Frank & let me begin by saying thank you for approving my membership. I look forward to learning more about my new hobby and perhaps teaching someone some thing too.
    I'm currently building a 80 cc moped bike conversion. It's been hell on wheels and I'm not talking a good one. I purchased parts in a years time and in retrospect paid nearly 4 times the amount. Anyhow. I'm at a stand still due to the carburetor! I am going to have to "franktify": (that's the verb that my friends made up for me bc I love to improvise, build, invent, improve, so many things....
    Will I can't connect the accelerator cable through the hole on top of carb. Because I f don't know how to route it. I need picks or well written instructions... Please

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    hey frank, this should help you a bunch

    ive set it to the point where they go through whoke carb setup but you can watch from beginning if you want

    this is for all chinese 66/80 cc 2 stroke

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    We're glad you joined up, Frank.

    And I don't even need to address your trouble since the post before me did it already.

    willwills: I recognize you as a newbie here recently. I see you've got 16 posts up. And you're already coming up with stuff that is made to order for those who are coming along behind you.

    "Good on ya!", as our Aussie friends might say.
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    thanks bluegoat, i appreciate it :)
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    Im in SA! we should ride sometime!