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    Hi guys,
    I'm kinda new to the motorized bicycle thing,
    but i have made a couple motorized scooters that I loved.
    They had bike parts so I may post them later on.
    I've been building hotrods for a long time and have lotsa welding and fabrication experience.

    A friend in San Jose has been into the MB's for a couple years,
    and after considering buying a motorcycle,
    have decided a MB would be a funner choice,
    no dmv, no insurance, no mc license,
    as well I live about 2.5 miles from where I work,
    and it would be a fun commuter option.

    While the motorized scooter had a briggs and stratton and a go cart clutch,
    my plan is to start out with the cheapy chinese motor kits.
    I have been into prewar bicycles for a long time,
    and I've got a beater "shelby" frame that will be a perfect start.

    Here's pics of my shelby's ...


    I think the black one with an engine would be really cool,
    modifying the tank to hold gas.

    so that's about it.


  2. perichbrothers

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    from Mountainman
    a few miles away from you in the mountains of Lakeside

    as said out in these parts -- ride that THING
  4. PatrickW

    PatrickW Staff Member the Mountainman said, ride them...get used to them. Then, I'd go to and look. Talk to Dave Staton at 405-605-3765, or look for a toll free number on the site...he is the premier bike motorizer (chain, friction, or whatever!)
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    Welcome to this place!
    I too am close, Santee/ Lakeside area.
    I am sure you will enjoy this site. There is a ton of knowledge here, and the natives are friendly (mostly).