San Diego Sheriff says no license required

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    From: Bob B
    Date: 6/13/2008 3:14:38 PM
    To: Bob B
    Subject: From -- Commander Ken Culver -- San Diego Sheriff Department

    Dear Mr. B
    406 CVC (California Vehicle Code) provides the general definition of a
    motorized bicycle. 24015 CVC says that a motorized bicycle must comply
    with federal safety standards. 24016 CVC details more requirement for
    safety standards, equipment, driver requirements and seller
    requirements. It also points you to requirements in the Federal Code of
    Regulations which you can find on the internet. As long as the
    motorized bicycle complies with all of these requirements, then it can
    be ridden by anyone over 16 years old without a driver license. The
    rider would have to follow all of the rules that a bicyclist would. If
    it does not comply with all of the requirements, including the federal
    code of regulations, then it is classified as a motor driven cycle which
    would require that the rider have a driver license with an M2 motorcycle

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    That is true for electric bikes (406b). Gas bikes (406a) require a special plate ($19) and an M1 or M2 license.
  3. Dilligaf

    The : SD-SHERIFF knows it is all good!! It is.. Right?
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    here's the exact e-mail that was sent to the Sheriff's Dept.... note the word ((gas))

    Sent: Thursday, June 12, 2008 3:24 PM
    To: Culver, Ken
    Subject: Question Please


    I contacted DMV and asked if I could ride a motorized
    bicycle without a drivers license. The first person
    said yes and the second DMV employee said no.
    I am a little confused..
    The horsepower is 1.6hp very small gas engine

    I would appreciate an answer very much
    Bob B