San Diego's 4th Group Ride - The Eliminator

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    The 40-Mile Eliminator

    Saturday - November 20 - 10 am

    Meet at
    Ocean Beach Motorcycles
    1875 Cable Street

    (between Niagara and Newport in Ocean Beach)

    This ride will challenge your bike’s endurance. On our last 32-mile ride 13 started...7 finished.
    We're adding a few more miles and another twist. If you break down, we're not waiting...the ride moves on.

    So make sure you have enough gas, lube your chain, and double check your nuts and bolts.
    Bring a buddy, cell phone or tools and parts to help you get back (just in case).

    If you can finish this ride you might be able to finish our upcoming
    San Diego Motorized Bike Rally.

    Ocean Beach Motorcycles is providing coffee and donuts to get you primed with plenty of caffeine and sugar. If you start getting the shakes, there will be a rest stop for lunch.

    Here is the link to the Route Map"
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    i have 2 other people confirmed they are going
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    latest count i heard over 20 people coming.
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    What time are you all meeting up in Ocean Beach?

    Rx Bruce/StoreKeeper
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    hey it looks like it might rain. if it does, is there gonna be a different date?
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    32 miles, and 6 didn't make it? What happened? On a half a gallon tank your supposed to get atleast 40-60 miles. 1 Gallon = Somewhere between 80-120ish MPG right?
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    i didn't think we lost 6 riders, more like 2 i think, one lost spark, and i think one ran outta gas, we all had to top off once i think, but we were riding at a fast pace and pulling some steep hills too with lotsa idling in between. if i'm not mistaking i belive we did 41 miles, correct me if i'm wrong. by the way, where can i find some pics of the ride? i really want to see that line up before we started! here are some of the pics i took.

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    Did the guy that ran out of gas top off?
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    I rode to and from the event for a total of 62 miles. I still had 1/3 of a tank left when I got home. Most people had to top-off and no one DNF'd because they ran out of fuel. One bike brokedown about mid-point in the ride. One other rider had to split off after 3/4 of the ride to get to work. It was a very fun ride with a bunch of good one will be soon!
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    San Diego's 5th. ride Sat. 2-12-2011

    Just so ya know......the gang is gettin together again for San Diego's 5th. Ride. from Sea World boat launch to Del Mar and back. Another fun 40 miler on Saturday 2-12-2011 at there!