San Fernando Valley Riderz/ HALLOWEEN!

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  1. CroCop145

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    Do you live in the Sherman Oaks, North Hollywood, Van Nuys, Encino, Studio City, or neighboring suburbs of the san fernando valley? If so, LETS RIDE! Next SATURDAY on HALLOWEEN, would anybody want to go for a cruise? Maybe just for a couple hours, grab some lunch/ dinner and split ways? or we could terrorize the streets at night..lemmie know.
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  2. gregalman

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    I live in Chatsworth and would love to get together for a ride but Halloween won't work for me. halloween is a big deal in this household and I'll be spending the day getting ready and the eve keeping up with the fog machines and kids.

    Yesterday I did Box Canyon and Santa Susana, it's a short ride but fun. I normally do it on Sat or Sun mornings. Let me know if you'd like to join me some weekend.

    Hope your halloween ride comes off great and I'll keep a look out for the next time.

  3. robin bird

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    What will you go as on Halloween? is halloween on the same day in the U,S. as Canada ?lol
    in Canada in some places they say shell out shell out the witches are out when going for candy
  4. CroCop145

    CroCop145 New Member

    ah dude im so bout we plan for in a couple weeks. i aint never done a canyon ride..sounds fun! = )
  5. gregalman

    gregalman New Member

    Any Sat or Sun morning I'm ready.
  6. lobsterboyx

    lobsterboyx Guest

    sherman oaks checking in. my car club has branched out to motorized bicycles.

    anyone down to roll one night?
  7. rockvoice

    rockvoice Member

    check out the ride on dec 6th on the lets ride thread