San Jose, CA BAY AREA MB ride

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  1. slump

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    Calling out to any in san jose, ca or in the bay area who would like to start a Mb bike ride for the summer or a death race like spooky tooth in our area. I would love to get some insight or thoughts to anyone in my area that wants to set up a big ride or race for Mb riders in the bay area.


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  2. w31john

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    lets do it
  3. slump

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    MB ride SJ

    yea, i got like three people I know who are down to ride. I was also thinking of hitting up people who build motorized bikes in the area like - pypeline, simpson motorbikes, chuck from bicycle express to see if they would like to be part of the ride or the race. For the race we should find a good race track for us to ride on too.

  4. strotter

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    I'd make the drive from Southern California to race.
  5. slump

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    Cool, strotter. The more the merrier. I was doing research and I found that pocketbike groups like do races in san jose. They have used a bunch of different places too like the parking lot at hp paviliion, and san jose fairgrounds parking lot. So I think first I have to find a venue that will accept us especially for insurance purposes, and go from there.

  6. slump

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    I've found Cali Racing Venues

    Check it out:

    I have found 3 possible tracks that we can use for racing. I have contacted them and we'll see what they say as far setting up a race with them. I hope it goes well.

  7. slump

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    So one track followed up with me so far, and they buttonwillow track in buttonwillow ca. This is there link to there track -

    They gave me a rental breakdown. So I guess the next step would be to see if we could get enough dedicated racers to pitch in money so we could all do this.

    Also, if people are just down to ride in the San Jose area just let me know we can set that up too. I would like to do a motor/bike party.





    Full Track $5,200/Day $4,900/Day
    Kart Track $1,000/Day $ 900/Day
    Skid Pad $ 500/Day $ 500/Day
    Premium Months are April, May, September and October

    MID-WEEK RATES (Monday - Friday)
    Exclusive Semi-Exclusive

    Full Track $4,300/Day $ 600/Day
    West Loop $3,300/Day $ 600/Day
    East Loop $2,700/Day $ 600/Day
    Zorro's Corner Section $2,700/Day $ 600/Day
    Kart Track $ 750/Day N/A
    Skid Pad $ 500/Day N/A


    Rates without an Annual Test Card
    Cars - Full day $125/Driver $75/Car
    Cars - Half day $60/Driver $50/Car

    Annual Test Card is not required

    Rates with an Annual Test Card
    Annual Test Card $75/Driver (works like a discount card)
    Cars - Full Day $100/Driver $75/Car
    Cars - Half Day $50/Driver $50/Car
    Half Days begin at 1pm

    Motorcycles - Full Day $145 1/Rider 1/Bike
    Motorcycles - Half Day $ 90 1/Rider 1/Bike
    Additional Bike or Rider $ 70 Full Day $40 Half Day
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  8. wership

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    im interested...
    get some motivation to finish the ride
  9. w31john

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    lets do a small ride and go from there!!!:thinking:
  10. slump

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  11. slump

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    Me and 3 of my friends have mapped this route out attached. Basically it goes from downtown san jose through mclaughlin and across yerba buena rd, to san felipe rd, to metcalf, across the 101, down santa teresa rd, around pass chesbro reservoir on uvas rd, into monterey rd, around calero reservoir, up mckean rd, into almaden expressway, and back into downtown san jose. This route has good scenery, good range of terrain to ride. Maybe we could start at 10 am. Or we could do a later ride from 3pm. We would definitely need a place to stop for lunch or drinks. Plus people should also bring tools because you never know.


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  12. slump

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    Northern California Race track info

    I just heard back from the guys at stockton motorplex. And they say that we can race on the track on mondays fro m10-5 pm but its $25 a person and you have to put some sort of plastic caps on the ends of handle bars, pegs, pedals, and axles. Take a look at the course it looks pretty cool -

    They also said that we can cut re-configure the track and ride it shorter if we didn't want to ride the whole thing. I am going to pass this along to people on the forums and see if I get a response.

    And if we want to rent it out for the day and do a day long race like death race it would be anything from $1,000 - $1,200

  13. ParadoX

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    Hey there. Im building bikes up here in San Francisco. Ive Been pretty quiet on the boards, but me and a couple buddies may be interested in a ride or race.
  14. slump

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    cool, yea we definitely are down to ride. Right now we have this ride in san jose we are planning. Look at the attached PDF. We can do that ride on a weekend you guys are free. Or we could meet and ride in San Francisco too.

    For the race. I know I have 3 people who are down for sure and we could use the stockton motorplex. The thing is at $1,000 or $1,200 a day we would need more racers to register and pitch in so the cost per rider isn't to bad. There is always the possibility of racing on the monday days if you guys are free. The key I think for the race would be to get more people down. And, if you want to just ride just let us know when you are available and we will make it happen.


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  15. ParadoX

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    Hey man, just rebuilt my bike, so were ready to go on a ride if your down. We dont really have the mean to transport multiple bikes though. Weve been talking about possibly sneaking our bikes across the GG bridge to ride around the marin headlands. Or we can just ride around the city?
  16. boost7

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    new to this forum and I'm from the San Jose area and it'll be awesome to meet up with you guys for a ride.
  17. motoredup

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    cool bike i like the makes the bike what it is
  18. w31john

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    lets have a short ride this Saturday in San Jose ?:thinking:
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  19. Big Red

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    Why in the world did this thread DIE. I've been trying to just get a ride together in San Jose for a while now. Or even just a meet & greet at a burger joint like the Classic car guys do. Can you imagine 60 or 80 M.B's lined up in the Fosters Freeze parking lot. And you don't need permission from anyone or a lot of money to do it.
    Slump, if yer still around contact me. Lets give it another shot.
    wJohn31, I know you're still around, I see yer ad on craigslist. I know a couple people and if you know a couple people then maybe we can pull it off.
    C'mon SAN JO, Where in the *$%# is everyone?
    Big Red.
  20. w31john

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    2013 still no ride??? Lets do this!!!