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Discussion in 'Dealer Reviews' started by Anton, Mar 30, 2009.


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  1. Anton

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  2. OCLandspeeder

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    Extremely POOR QUALITY Bikes

    After shopping around the 'net, I decided to buy my complete MB from Santa Cruz Green Motors. I preferred their slightly different models as well as the re-assurances that I got from their owner Rich Landon. During my phone conversation with Rich, he told me his bikes where of higher quality build, all fastenres where completely Loctited, and the bike would be fully road tested to ensure all componenets were functioning properly before being shipped out to the customer. All I had to do was install the seat, the front tire, and handlebars and I would be on the road. Since I had more $$ than time, I decided to let SCG Motors build the bike for me so I did not have to spend the time dealing with build issues, etc. The total price of the MB came out to be around $800 including sales tax, shipping, and assembly and testing charges. The shipping charge of $80 was for a 2-day shipping charge.

    2 days after the bike was suppose to arrive via Fedex, I tried contacting SCG Motors to let them know the product had not arrived within the 2-day period. It took two emails plus two phone calls before they responded with, "We will look into it." 24 hours later, SCG Motors informed me that Fedex had lost the shipment. Another 24 hours later, Fedex had re-located the shipment and will ship it to me again. By the time the product arrived, it was a full 7 days late! I asked about getting a refund of shipping charges but I did not get a response. I am sure SCG Motors got that refund from Fedex but I did not press for it since I was just happy to get the product to my doorstep.

    Upon uncrating my MB, I discovered several missing parts and several broken parts. The seat post and the front axel skewer were missing so I could not mount the seat nor the front wheel. The ignition wire was ripped apart and the throttle housing was broken in half. These were not deal breakers since I knew they could easily be replaced. However, the bike had a few other key issues that I thought were unacceptable.

    The frame was heavily scratched. Any area where the motorized parts were clamped onto the frame were scratched up down to the bare metal! The muffler clamp had been slid back and forth on the downtube when it was being trial fitted, which resulted in several big scratches on it!

    I discovered also that many of the little components, like the CDI box, chain guard, brake/clutch levers, etc. were loosely put together. Upon re-tighteneing them, I discovered most of them were not Loctited as promised.

    The fuel tank and the centerstand were not mounted to the bike and were still in their original packaging. They had no mounting instructions whatsoever. When I tried mounting the fuel tank, the C-Clamps were not large enough to fit around the bicycle's top tube and therefore could not be fitted to the bicycle! The centerstand had a few little parts to it that was fairly confusing to mount. I had to trail fit it several times until I got it to where it "looked right" but even then I wasn't 100% sure.

    I kept uncovering more and more issues on the bike as I went through it. The left crank arm did not have sufficient clearance with the muffler so that each time it was rotated (to pedal the bike) the crank would make metal to metal contact with the muffler, gouging and scratching both parts. I also noticed the rear wheel was difficult to rotate even with the clutch disengaged. Upon closer inspection, I realized there was zero motor drive chain tolerance! That chain was so tight, the chain tensioner idler wheel was being bent out of shape. When I tried to re-adjust the chain tensioner idler wheel, I realized its adjustment was maxed out because the chain itself was cut so short, there was not enough room for ANY slack whatseover! In fact, after I completely removed the chain tensioner, there was zero slack left in the chain at its tightest point!!!

    At this point I just went ballistic. I had paid SCG Motors around $200 in labor charges to send me a fully built, fully road tested, MB. What I got instead was a bike that was incomplete, broken, and put together so poorly that it was both unridable nor safe to ride. I contacted Rich Landon at SCG Motors about the issues and his initial response was, the issues I was having are "minor" and a few parts would quickly get me back on the road!

    WTF? :confused:

    The broken and missing parts could be replaced. But the build issues? These were serious build issues that SCG Motors should have taken care of in the first place! What about the poor quality of assembly? The heavily scratched frame? The incorrect length chain? Rich Landon offered to send me a chromed exhaust system to compensate. What the bike really needed was to get it partially re-assembled correctly with correctly fitting parts and components. It was clear I was going to have to do this myself. I asked SCG Motors to refund me half of the labor costs I paid to them to compenstate me for having to re-do all the poor work they did on my MB. Rich Landon refused to do this.

    At that point I threw in the towel and asked to return the bike for a full refund. SCG Motors refused, stating they have no return policy. I relented on returning the bike and offered to pay for the shipping costs. SCG Motors grudgingly agreed to take the bike back but only under two conditions: I had to pay 20% re-stocking fees and only if the bike arrived in "satisfactory condition". WTF! :confused: I would be responsible for the shipping costs and any damage the bike sustained from shipping. Hot ****! I tried to reason with Rich Landon at SCG Motors but he refused to budge from his position. Not only would I be out almost $200 I would not have anything to show for it! All that because SCG Motors sent me a poorly assembled MB!

    Since I was unsuccessful at trying to reason with SCG Motors for a fair and equitable return and refund of their defective product, I gave the details of this experience to my CC Company. After reviewing my case, they immediately returned the $$ I paid to SCG Motors. My CC Company also advised me NOT to pay any shipping fees to return the bike to SCG Motors. Due to the extremely poor performance of SCG Motors and their refusal to stand behind their product, my CC Company insisted that SCG Motors pay for any return shipping costs.

    To this day I still have the MB and it is still in the box and ready to be shipped whenever SCG Motors decides to send me a shipping label. SCG Motors has not returned any of my emails.