Santa Fe has motorized bike shop

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by Slackbiker, Sep 17, 2010.

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    It's good to see such businesses springing up. I just wish he was an honest man.

    The first line is "We sell high quality engines in our motorized bicycles." No, he sells HT two stroke kit engines - which are about as low a quality as an industrial product can be made, and still function.

    Then, in the photo gallery, he repeatedly identifies the engines as "80 cc". We all know that is hogwash. I'd also like to know what sprocket combination he is using to hit 45 mph - the pictured bikes do not appear to have any such thing on them.

    Ah, well, quibbles. Minor stuff, right?
  3. motorpsycho

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    those bikes look like sh*t!!
    they are built right out of the box from a typical engine kit with no creativity.
    crappy wiring job, and generally unclean builds.
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    I'd LOVE to go back to Santa Fe for a visit! First time was a solo bike ride from East Central Indiana on my Yamaha Virago over ten years ago. Then up through the Rockies to central Colorado and back home. 3700 miles in 13 days. Boy was my azz tired! Next time it'll be in the pickup. I'd like to visit that shop!
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    Just have a look at his work then go look at family pictures on the contact us page.
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    Tsk. Tsk. Gentleman, let's be nice.
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    i think i hear banjo music in the background while looking at those family pics.
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    These two quotes are critical of a product. They are totaly acceptable opinions.

    These two quotes have nothing of value.
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    sorry, i was just stating my personal opinion.
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    I too am sorry, I take pride in what i do and in my appearance. Just say'n...
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    Ummmmm......Lets keep criticisms on the product and not make personal insults. Just say'n.....

    (At this point a hint must be dropped.....remarks like the ones made are considered disrespectful. Reading forum rules and the infractions page are reccommended.)
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    red frame, blue fenders, silver fork, ape hangers, and the coil-style wire wrapping. nothing special, just another MB build. I personally don't like that bike nor would i let them build me a bike (when i can do it myself and have more fun) what? what did you think i was going to say? LOL but more power to them, just hope they read this site. lol
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    If they don't, they very probably soon will be reading this site.

    I snail-mailed a suggestion to that shop 2 days ago.
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