Sat APRIL 13th 2013 SOCAL MOTOR BICYCLE RACING @ Grange Motor Circuit

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    Saturday April 13th 2013

    Gate opens at 6.00am Saturday for registration;
    Sign waiver, get a wrist band and to pay entry fee.

    Spectators / Pit Crew: $10
    Kids 12 and under no charge.
    Race track riding & Racing: $35
    2nd Race Class: $10
    3rd Race Class: no charge.

    and to register for the race:

    Sunrise: 5:37am
    Sunset: 7:57pm

    Day length: 14h 20m

    12 hours track time 7am to 7pm

    Practice from 7am to 9.40am
    Heats start at 10.15am

    Free camping Friday night and Saturday night included with track entry or
    as a spectator.

    Grangé Motor Circuit
    20455 Central Rd.
    Apple Valley, CA 92307


    1) 15 Freeway North past Victorville.

    2) Exit 157 = the Bell Mtn / Stoddard Wells Rd off ramp and go North East
    (There are 2 Stoddard Wells Rd. The second is Bell Mtn )

    3) Do NOT make any turns off Stoddard Wells Rd until you reach Central Rd.

    4) Go right (South) on Central approx 1/4 mile and you are there.

    PS: Do NOT use your GPS for directions as it will route you up
    Central from the south which is not accessible because of train tracks.


    Interlube International maker of Opti-2 two stroke oil
    and Opti-4 four stroke oil is Sponsoring SoCal Motor Bicycle Racing.

    Sponsored & Prizes by

    Sponsored & Prizes by

    Trophies & Prizes by

    Sponsored by

    Thanks to Ken of KW Machine Works for the GoPros!

    29 Days to Race Day

    Track Specifications: 3400' elevation.

    14 turns
    8/10 mile
    950' straight away
    Elevation Changes
    25' to 30' wide asphalt
    Concrete Curbs on inside turn radius
    Concrete Rumple Strips at run-off areas
    25' minimum run off

    We are running the track Counter Clockwise.

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    Required Safety Equipment:

    A DOT helmet is required by California law to ride a
    gas powered motorized bicycle or Moped on the streets.

    DOT rated helmet or better like Snell.
    No bicycle helmets.
    No novelty motorcycle helmets without DOT certification.

    Eye protection.

    Gloves. No bare hands.

    Knee and elbow pads or full leathers or Motocross gear.

    If you wear a leather jacket you don't need elbow pads.

    Long pants, no shorts or exposed skin please.

    Ankle covering footwear or boots.

    Fire extinguisher.

    The pit road speed limit is 5 mph.


    All entries must have functioning pedals.

    No multi speed shiftable Motorcycle engines.

    No Motorcycle tires. Some Moped tires are allowed.

    All 4 strokes must have oil catch cans if the breather tube doesn't
    recirculate into the motor.

    11.999 HP is the limit on the top race class.
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    Please post here if you can take other riders and their bikes in
    your truck, car, etc. Maybe you have a trailer with extra room.

    Would help if you say where you are leaving from.

    What day and time you are leaving. Friday or Saturday?

    How many people and bikes you can take.

    Also you can post if you need a ride with the
    same info and if you can help out with paying
    for the gas to get to the race.

    Only 27 days to go!

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    Uh, sorry for the maybe dumb questions, but can you get there on a moto-bike? No freeways! Also, I assume there is water? Seriously. I love to camp, but that looks like a desert.

    I'm gonna be in SoCal around then. I'd LOVE to attend. I'll be riding from Topanga Canyon where my sister lives.
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    Calendar for 2013 Racing Events.

    The Saturday May 25th race at Grange Motor Circuit has been changed to

    Saturday June 1st 2013

    Once again there is a scheduling conflict with a 3 day IKA Go Kart Race
    which is taking the Friday, Saturday and Sunday of that weekend.

    Really sorry to everyone that has a hard time changing their schedule.

    So the schedule is:

    Saturday April 13th 2013 Only 26 days to go!

    Saturday June 1st 2013

    Saturday October 19th 2013

    I am planning a smaller event on Sat May 4th 2013

    All the races are at Grange Motor Circuit.
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    OK. Sorry. I did not see this post! Anyone? I'd like a ride from Topanga Canyon, just about in the middle, between Northridge and the 101, to the race, on Friday (details would follow in a PM). I'll have camping gear, and of COURSE I'll help with gas. This race sounds like a gas, and I'd love to meet some of you top cats face to face.
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    I made a post about car pooling at the same time. :)
    Maybe you can get a ride with someone?

    What kind of moto-bike do you have?
    Are you planning on riding on the track?
    It would be a long ride from Topanga Canyon to Grange especially on the streets
    and you have to go up some grades on the way.

    There are nice clean tiled men and woman full bathrooms in the Pro Shop building
    with running water.
    See PIC below.

    The track is about 10 miles from motels and restaurants.

    It's high desert and the April temperature is really nice around 80*
    I arrive on Friday and camp overnight with a lot of other guys, it's a party!

    Jim Granger just opened a really great Pizza restaurant 15 miles away
    and he takes orders and delivers pizza, subs, drinks, etc, for lunch.

    Also all the spectators and racers get entered into a raffle drawing based
    on your wrist band number for a free pizza, garlic bread and drinks which
    is enough for 4.

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    Rob of is sponsoring the 2 Stroke Amateur class with
    one of the Grubee aluminum frames with the built in gas tank.

    Your choice of getting the one that has a built in mount or not so you can build a 2 or a 4 stroke.


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    Here are the 5 Motor Race Classes + Unlimited Class.
    This is also the race order.

    All entries must have functioning pedals.

    No real motorcycle tires allowed. Bicycle tires only.

    2) 4 Stroke:
    Robin Subaru 25cc and Honda GX 25 cc
    Robin Subaru 35cc and Honda GX 35 cc
    Honda 49 cc GXH and Huasheng 49 cc clone Titan 49.4 cc Super Titan 49.4 cc
    Any other 4 strokes less than 50 cc

    The <35 cc 4 strokes will be a 4 stroke subclass with their own winner.

    No limits on motor modifications, Shifter kits are ok,
    No real motorcycle tires allowed. Bicycle tires only.

    3) 2 Stroke:
    48 cc to 66 cc aka 80 Chinese bicycle motors.

    2 groups run because of large number of entries.

    No limits on motor modifications, Shifter kits are ok,
    No real motorcycle tires allowed. Bicycle tires only.

    4) >50cc Mid Range Class:
    Harbor Freight 79 cc Greyhound
    Harbor Freight 99 cc Predator
    Honda GX 100
    Honda GX 160
    Whizzer 136cc
    Pit Bike Cag 4+ hp 2 stroke
    GP 460 47cc 4.5 hp 2 stroke
    Briggs & Stratton 5 hp
    Morini 5.8 hp 2 stroke

    5) Gas Bikes <11 hp:
    9 hp Morini
    11 hp water cooled Morini
    Harbor Freight 6.5 hp or similar

    No real motorcycle tires allowed. Bicycle tires only.

    The first 5 to 7 finishers from the above 5 Classes will race
    against each other in The Ultimate Race.

    UNLIMITED Gas OR eBike Class
    Includes any motorized bicycles that are over 12 hp and don't
    fit in any the other classes but meet a few basic common
    sense rules like functioning pedals and still resemble bicycles.

    Multi speed shiftable motorcycle engines are in this class.
    Motorcycle tires are in this class.

    Exceptions may be made to the above classes at the race
    organizers discretion [That's me] and the list will be updated as needed.

    Racer's feedback is welcomed to define these classes more.
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    We are splitting the 2 Stroke 66 cc class into Pro & Amateur.

    All the fast guys will be in the 2 Stroke Pro Class and Dave Rust
    is putting up $200 in purse money from

    Also SoCal Motor Bicycle Racing is kicking in $5 per rider racing in the Pro Class
    into the purse.
    I think we have at least one other company putting up money, the idea is
    to pay out to all the racers in the class, not just the first 3 places.

    Any companies wanting to promote themselves are welcome to get involved,
    please send me an email.

    The 2 Stroke 66 cc Amateur Class is for fairly stock bikes and new racers.
    As I just posted is putting up a very cool prize of a
    Grubee aluminum bike frame with the built in gas tank.

    Here is the chance for some new blood to be competitive on the track and
    have fun without spending a lot on their race bike.

    Heck, bring your street commuter and give it a shot! :D
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    Thanks again Bob for the excellent job of flagging and getting lap times
    on your iPad at the last race.

    I have the same stopwatch app on my android phone but it's hard to
    read in the sunlight and eats the battery.

    Timing and scoring has always been the hardest task at the races.
    Transponders and the whole system that they require is too expensive.

    I have been looking at an app that runs on iPhones and there will be
    an Android beta soon.

    CMS Lap Timer Pro is a powerful GPS-based data and video recorder and
    analysis system.

    Android beta available soon.

    CMS Lap Timer Pro App

    for iPhone - iPod Touch - iPad

    The Cantrell Motorsports Lap Timer Pro is the easiest to use GPS-based lap timer, data recorder, video recorder, and performance analysis app available for iOS devices.

    Main Features

    No setup or calibration is required!

    Automatic data and video recording; simply open the app to the Recorder screen and drive!

    HD Video on devices that support it (iPhone 4+, iPod Touch (Gen4), iPad 2+); standard video on iPhone 3GS

    Real-time display of speed, g forces, and lap times

    Immediate analysis of performance data and video at track side
    Lap and segment times

    Automatic track mapping; no need for predefined track info

    High resolution GPS (up to 10Hz) using an external GPS module

    Designed for auto-crossing, road racing, karting, motorcycle racing, bicycle racing and more...
    Data sharing via Bluetooth (device to device at track side), email, and iTunes File Sharing
    Share and compare lap times using the CMS Cloud Service

    That's the Big Willow track on the screen.

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    CMS Lap Timer Pro video + data overlay

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    Another video, they don't have any motorcycle ones yet.

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    Nashmoto's race bikes, Honda GC160, Honda GXH 50cc, Arrow Motorized Cycles 66 cc motor Pro Class bike.

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    66 cc 2 Stroke Pro Class purse money.

    huge thanks to Jake Busey # 311 JCM Racing for
    generously kicking in $100 into the Pro Class purse.

    JCM Racing:

    Arrow Motorized Cycles is putting up $200
    SoCal Motor Bicycle Racing $5 per rider in the class.

    There will be trophies too.

    If we have 15 riders in the class we have $375 now
    so we can pay down to 6th or 7th place.

    Anyone else want to kick in some purse money?

    Jakes latest race bike.



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    I want to thank Fred of CR Machine for his very generous
    sponsorship of motorized bicycle racing with a couple of his
    billet high performance racing cylinder heads for the 66cc engines.

    The fast guys on the track in the 66 cc 2 Stroke Pro Class use these
    heads because they are the best performance head on the market bar none.

    Check out all versions of CR Machine's heads


    CR Machine just came out with this product for all you guys that don't have brass nuts
    for your special build.

    Motorized bicycle 6 x 1.0 mm tall brass exhaust nuts pkg. of 2



    The heads are big chunks of aluminum, that's some set up cutting the fins!!!

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    Video of the first SoCal Motor Bicycle Racing event at Grange Motor Circuit
    on Oct 22nd 2011.

    The bikes, racers and safety gear have evolved a lot since then and
    Saturday April 13th 2013 will be the 6th race.

    Thanks to Motored Bike Magazine for the cool video and pics:

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    Only 10 days to go!

    Counter Clockwise Kart Racing at Grange Motor Circuit which is
    the direction we are running it on April 13th.

    Fantastic action and footage for a good way to learn the track.

    Karts normally race clockwise.

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    man i would like to be there. i live in okla.
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    Meano Larry is driving from Texas to the race and one guy drove
    all the way from Washington State to the Oct race last year.

    Here's a pic of Meano Larry's 200 cc bike. He is swinging by Tucson and picking
    up Richard Helmutt who makes the frame and tank.


    Here is Richard on one of his bikes.

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