Sat APRIL 13th 2013 SOCAL MOTOR BICYCLE RACING @ Grange Motor Circuit

Another pic of Meano Larry's stunning # 999 race bike.

Video taken by # 59 headtrama riding his Briggs race bike in
the 11 HP Class on June 2nd 2012 at Grange Motor Circuit.

The only time we raced clockwise.

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4 days to go and the weather is going to be great, 79* on Friday
and 82* on Saturday 13th. 81* on Sunday.

Ryan the dyno man is going to be running an improved dyno with
a one page readout on Saturday. He has a lot of time into his
contraption, just needs a paint job and some fancy decals!

Ryan is only charging $5 for five dyno pulls to get a good reading.
Here is your chance to see how all your mods really work.


I want to thank JN MotorsBikes for sponsoring the race with a bunch of cool prizes.

Because of JN Motors there will be prizes for the first 8 finishers.

All you guys out there that have never been to a race because you
are unsure of your bike or riding ability.

The new 66 cc 2 Stroke Amateur Class is for you with a ton of very
cool prizes that will go to more than the first 8 places.

Get your safety gear on and race your everyday rider in this new class.
You don't have to have a ton of money in your bike for this class.

Grange Motor Circuit has helmets you can use if you don't have a DOT
rated helmet.


A 50cc/66cc Walbro Carb (Stage 1) with adapter

Two of their JNM CC X-Port


Two of their JNMDamp-Pro Kits, these really work to quiet your
2 stroke down.


Because of JN Motors there will be prizes for the first 8 finishers.
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SoCal Motor Bicycle Racing: Grange Motor Circuit.
April 13th 2013:

$200 Pro Class Purse by
$100 Pro Class Purse by
$100 Pro Class Purse by

Sponsored Prizes by

Sponsored Prizes by

Sponsored Prizes by

PS: For everyone that couldn't make the event the next SoCal Motor Bicycle
Racing date is Saturday June 1st 2013.

47 days until we get to have another Fun time back at Grange Motor Circuit
riding the track in the reverse direction.
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April 13th 2013 SoCal Motor Bicycle Racing:
10 Lap Final Race Results.

66 cc 2 Stroke AMATEUR Class: ( Sponsored Prizes )

1st: #68 VeniceMotorBikes Norm ( Grubee Aluminum Gas Tank Frame )
2nd: #59 headtrama Andy ( Walbro Stage 1 Carb w Adapter )
3rd: #73 John K. ( Billet Aluminum Head )
4th: #58 Ron V. ( Billet Aluminum Head )
5th: #67 Johny ( Delorto clone Carb w Filter )
6th: #64 Stephen ( Carb Intake Manifold Plenum )
7th: #26 Superharry 3 HP Briggs ( JNM Damp-Pro Kit )
8th: #160 Ken H. ( JNM Damp-Pro Kit )
9th; #158 Kili ( Brass Exhaust Nuts )
10th #159 Darryl ( Brass Exhaust Nuts )
11th: #90 Matt ARROW CYCLES ( Brass Exhaust Nuts )
12th: #60 Oldbiker Ken ( Brass Exhaust Nuts )
13th #173 Anthony

DNF: #96 Sophorn Sin

66 cc 2 Stroke PRO Class: ( Cash Purse Class )

1st: #88 Jim Rust ARROW MOTORIZED CYCLES $120
2nd: #87 Jeff Fitzgerald ARROW MOTORIZED CYCLES $100
3rd: #89 Ryan Scruggs ARROW MOTORIZED CYCLES $80
4th: #8 magrider $60
5th: #98 nashmoto 50 cc 4 Stroke GXH Honda NuVinci shifter[NOT ELIGIBLE for Purse $]
6th: #57 Kevin PISTON BIKES $40

DNS: #68 VeniceMotorbikes Norm

DNS: #310 Jake Busey JCM RACING

$200 Pro Class Purse by
$100 Pro Class Purse by
$100 Pro Class Purse by

Mid Range + Mopeds:

1st: #8 magrider 4 Stroke Honda GX 120
2nd: #199 Tyler Moped
3rd: #79 Gbrebes Gilbert 4 Stroke 5 hp Briggs
4th: #3 scotto- 4 Stroke 99cc Predator HF
5th: #59 headtrama Andy 2 Stroke 50 cc KTM Clone
6th: #187 Jake M. Moped
7th: #17 Bigboys Roland 4 Stroke 88 cc Chonda Auto
8th: #12 msrfan Dale 4 Stroke 5 hp Briggs
9th: #161 Brian Moped
10th: #78 Richard W 4 Stroke Briggs Animal JOKER MACHINE INC
11th: #70 Matt W 4 Stroke GC 160 Honda JOKER MACHINE INC
12th: #52 Tyler R 4 Stroke GC 160 Honda JOKER MACHINE INC

11 HP Bikes + UnLimited Class + NoPeds +eBikes:

1st: #174 Chris Naulet TOMAHAWK TUNING NOPED
2nd: #3 scotto- 4 Stroke 212cc Predator HF 1st: Motorized Bike
3rd: #191 Ryan Mayer TOMAHAWK TUNING NOPED
4th: #7 Easy Rider Ken 11 hp 50cc water cooled Boxer Morini 2nd: Motorized Bike
5th: #98 nashmoto Honda GC 160 [ Mid Range Class Bike ] 3rd: Motorized Bike
6th:#8 magrider 11 HP 50cc water cooled Morini 4th: Motorized Bike
7th: #68 VeniceMotorbikes Norm CCC 200 cc monsta bike 5th: Motorized Bike
8th: #199 Tyler Moped

DNF: #117 Dan Hanebrink eBike

DNS: #69 BajaRacer1 Edan 212 cc HF 4 Stroke

Sponsored Prizes by

Sponsored Prizes by

Sponsored Prizes by

Pro Class Purse by $200
Pro Class Purse by $100
Pro Class Purse by $100
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