SAVE $$$ Make your own Extra Heavy Duty Thorn Resistant Inner Tube

Nov 14, 2018

Ever buy a Thorn Resistant Inner Tube only to have it go flat the first week? ( Thorn Resistant My ASS )
Her's how ya can make your own Extra Heavy Duty Thorn Resistant Inner Tube.
1st Take the flat Thorn Resistant Tube and cut it in half lengthwise.
2nd Take a new tube put a little air in it and put it inside the one you cut in half. Then install in tire.
Now ya got an Extra Heavy Duty Thorn Resistant Inner Tube.
3rd Save $$$ by just buying a regular tube. Or make your tube Extra Extra Heavy Duty and use another Thorn Resistant Tube.
Now your chances of getting a flat have gone way down.
I know some say they just use SLIME in their tubes.
Have you ever been out on the road and had a flat with SLIME in the tube? Its a mess. There's SLIME all over the inside of the tire and rim. The last thing ya want to deal with when on the road.
I don't want to hide the puncture I want to know where it is right away.
If Patches are used sooner or later the tube will split by the valve stem. Why wait? Install a new tube the first time. Their not that big I'm sure you can carry one around and put it somewhere.
Treat your Whizzer like a Motorcycle not a Bicycle. Install a new tube with every flat or tire change
New tube every year. The rear tire only lasts 1,500 miles. ( I do that in 6-9 months ) The front tire lasts a lot longer but I still change the tube every year. 2nd year new tube and tire. I don't wait to get a flat to change the tube . The chances of me getting a flat have gone way down.
Keep a log of the dates when installing new tubes and tires. You'll realize what tires last longer.
BELL Tube $4
CHENG SHIN Classic Knobby White Wall Tire $20
Well worth the money to get less flats
When it comes to those store bought tire liners. I can never get them to Install straight. Causing uneven Tire ware and a bump spot where the strip ends meet.
If anyone knows of a good ONE PIECE Tire Liner? Please I would like to know
Using BLACK TAPE instead of a rubber rim spoke liner.
The BLACK TAPE dries out becoming HARD and the edges of the HARD BLACK TAPE become RAZOR SHARP. May cause a FLAT TIRE
I Know it happened to me I was looking for why my tube went flat on the rim side of the tube. Rubbed my finger along the inside of the rim and cut my finger just like I had rubbed my finger across the edge of a razor blade.
Now only RUBBER RIM LINERS for me.
I hope some of this info can help keep air in your tires.



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