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  1. It's way past time the mince was put on the endangered species list. Stop the slaughter, stop baking/eating mince meat pies.

  2. Stan4d

    Stan4d New Member

    I am with you. We are to late to save the corinthian cows that made all those chrysler seat covers, but we can save the mince.
  3. fasteddy

    fasteddy Member

    Unhand that mince meat pie Sir! I'll take into custody and make sure it arrives safely at it's destination.

    Fast'mince dreams"eddy
  4. WhizBangAndy

    WhizBangAndy Member

    MMMM..Mincemeat Pie..

    Save the NAUGAS!!
  5. fasteddy

    fasteddy Member

    Andy, I hope there's no "save the Nagas" talk. I'm heavily invested in Nagas.

  6. WhizBangAndy

    WhizBangAndy Member

    I thought they were extinct myself..LOL

  7. fasteddy

    fasteddy Member

    Andy, nope, cornered the market. Want to get in on the ground floor? Cheap

    fast"what a deal'eddy
  8. give me vtec

    give me vtec Active Member

    There is always tourism...

    SAVE THE GUINEA WORM... from what Ive heard, they have just about eradicated the poor little thing. :grin5:
  9. fasteddy

    fasteddy Member

    Vetec, I held a few for you just because we're friends.
    fast"last chance"eddy.
  10. give me vtec

    give me vtec Active Member

    ohh man i hope not chuck those suckers ASAP...


    dont worry though... its a little cold for them in cresant beach.
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  11. fasteddy

    fasteddy Member

    Not the worm Man, the Naugas and I got to know fast. I only have purple ones left.

    fast"what a deal"eddy
  12. WhizBangAndy

    WhizBangAndy Member

    Maybe save the Guinea people instead?!?

  13. fasteddy

    fasteddy Member

    No money in Guinea people. The're on thier own.

    fast"deal won't last"eddie
  14. give me vtec

    give me vtec Active Member

    how did you know I was looking for purple naugahyde??? how much you got???

    .... come on people its history.
  15. fasteddy

    fasteddy Member

    Sorry, sold them all to Kerf for magic gas pills. What a deal on gasoline pills though.

  16. fasteddy

    fasteddy Member

    You Sir, were grossly misinformed. These are the new and improved gas pills. Place three of our miracle gas pills in your tank. Add 20 gallons of gas {two pills and less gas if you have a smaller tank} and enjoy your savings. Selling fast.

    Warning. The cannibals bought a Burger Palace!!!

    Fast"not so hungry"eddy.
  17. SimpleSimon

    SimpleSimon Active Member

    The only good mince is a dead, well-cooked mince!

    Besides, when the wild mince stocks are extinct my investment in domesticated mince herds will increase greatly in value. I'm thinking about doing an IPO. Want to buy in?
  18. give me vtec

    give me vtec Active Member

    id rather get in on the gas pills... something about meat pie is very un-appealing to me.
  19. fasteddy

    fasteddy Member

    Vtec, if you haven't tried mince meat pies you may not realize that mince is the largest natural methane supplier.
    I will admit that filling the tank is a little uncomfortable but with the S. Simon and Co. new gasifier carb some very impressive milage numbers have been reached.
    I therefore have sold of my supply of Kerf and Co. gas pills and I'm happy to announce that I'm now awaiting my first shipment of gasifier carbs from the S.Simon Carb. and Mince Co.

    We will be happy to inform you when our shipment arrives.

    Fast"we'er awaiting"eddy
    President, Puttin Along Investments.
  20. SimpleSimon

    SimpleSimon Active Member

    Not too mention, the ketones also present with the generated methane theft proofs your ride!