Save the Planet/Climate Change/Peak Oil

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    If the bicycle is the most climate-friendly mode of personal transport on the planet, then what is the most climate-friendly motor vehicle on the planet? Answer: A light motor-assisted bicycle must come close to be the most climate-friendly motor vehicle on the planet.

    Surely, if it is not convenient for you to get around on a bicycle, then a motorized bicycle may be the next best thing to do your bit to save the planet.

    How many of you bikers or would-be bikers would like to see an environment forum to discuss the good things about motorized bikes? You never know - MBs might even become mainstream!!

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    Per the usual process we go through before creating a new forum, can you find a list of some threads that would be moved to this new forum? Also, can you suggest a Name and Title for the new forum? Finally, where would it go? In the clubhouse I imagine?
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    I don't think that 'Sustainable Transport' is a primary interest to club members - It's a bit like legislation, a dry boring subject.

    However, you do get lots of visitors, who are not interested in contributing, but surf by to see what's of interest. I'd like to see;
    Sustainable Transport - Peak Oil/Greenhouse/Active Transport hit them between the eyes before they race off to another site. It would not be out of place in MBc Forums Lobby section, otherwise Clubhouse.

    I'll get threads together over the weekend.
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    Great! The reason we go through this process is because often times forums are suggested, we create them and nobody comes. This is not the field of dreams, lol. We just want to see that there is genuine interest in the forum before we create it. Anyone else have an opinion on this matter?
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    Im thinking that there is too much emphasis on the "green" issue. We all need to be environmentally conscious....dont litter, turn off lights, yada, yada, yada. But when you come right down to it the earth will save itself and nature will control the course of things. Global warming does not exist on a "man made" level. Everything lives, dies,comes and goes in a cycle of life/events. We cant control it, so why talk about it. Maybe just to instill in themselves a false sense of control? We dont control anything....the spirits control everything. Enjoy your best to be a good human being and get on with things.
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    I also don't wish to worry about "green" one little bit

    who's the big "green" spokesman out there -- Al Gore
    give me a break
    that guy burns more energy than 25 people !!!

    thoughts from up top of the mountain

    the Almighty One way up there
    knows exactly when this will all end
    and I doubt that it's a big green mark on his calender

    as we little ones do our best "green" as we ride that machine
  7. Tom

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    Are you guys joking??

    We do have control over whether or not it happens... It is ten times more likely that global warming is caused by humans than cigarettes cause cancer...

    I guess what you are trying to say is that everything is natural since we are natural beings just like any other animal...

    The issue with global warming is that if something is not done now, future generations will suffer big time.

    I am getting the feeling that this forum would be a little to political to have around here...
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    Absolutely correct. It IS TOO POLITICAL and politics really has no place here (IMHO). Unless of coarse you want to discuss the aspect of legislation regarding of a different color entirely. Regular political discussions ie:"me against you" wont benefit this forum or it membership in the least, however if it is raised I will "opine":cool:
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    Motorized Bikes are very political. The problem in Australia is that noone wants them.

    Bicyclists don't want them because they are purists,
    Motorists don't want them because they dont want anything to get in their way
    Environmentalists don't want them because they think we should all be getting around on air (as opposed to gasoline).
    Road safety advocates don't want them because they think that they inevidibly lead to an increase in roadkill.

    None of these lobby groups can really see the big picture - movement towards sustainability.

    My personal view is not dissimilar to Youngbird's regarding control. Ultimately, the environment will do what it will do. However, I do believe that unless we become more caring of the planet and our fellow inhabitants, then the future is very bleak indeed.

    Personal mobility is a core issue relevant to sustainability. Motorized bikes are definitely in the realm of sustainable transport. Maybe, if MBc ran the forum, then some kids who get into motorized bikes for fun could become interested in environmental sustainability.

    Also, the wonderful thing about an on-line forum is that you don't have to participate. If green's not your thing, don't go there. Simple.
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    The notion that "Nature" will do what it wants to do is nothing but a cop-out, an abdication of responsibility of stewardship for this planet.We are the dominant,controlling,supposedly thinking species on this planet with the ability to foresee and plan.The scientific consensus is that HUMAN activity and not "nature" as such --whatever that denotes -- is beginning to have a increasingly deleterious global effect on the biosphere.We are busy destroying our habitat, unless the acidification of the seas due to CO2 is halted.75% of the oxygen we breathe comes from that source.Life will not disappear from this planet but homo sapiens? may well.That would be the end of the big brain evolutionary experiment.
  12. Pablo

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  13. HybriPed

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    Google "Vostok Ice core" pictures. It shows that CO2 has gone through 4 oscillations between 280ppm and 180ppm during the past 400,000 years.

    What caused CO2ppm to peak and then decline? At a recent seminar I attended, Australia'a top climate scientist could not say. I don't think humanity had much to do with the 3 other oscillations.

    I'm not copping out, but I got into motorized bikes because I saw "End of Suburbia" about Peak Oil. I have just completed 7,500 kms (4,500 miles)commuting over 18 months at 1/10th the carbon footprint of a motor car.

    Motorized bikes are (potentially) an essential mode of sustainable personal transport.

  14. Pablo

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    This may seem odd coming from a guy who thinks global warming is very much agenda driven, but I absolutely agree we should all use less, much less fossil fuel. I think using any single cylinder bike in good tune and working order is better than the lightest car. In the winter I'm guilty of being a cager far too much, but everyone can have a MB for store jaunts and such during warm times. It's just a good first step.
  15. Skyliner70cc

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    There is no scientific consensus on global warming. In fact, the temps this year are causing the enviros to call it climate change instead of global warming.
  16. bluegoatwoods

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    The Earth, as a whole, will be here for a long, long time.

    The question is whether human beings will be. We may not be able to guarantee our descendents presence. But we can certainly guarantee their absence.

    We would do this thread a favor by ignoring global warming. There are still plenty of reasons to be "green".

    MBs are an excellent step in that direction. We can all agree on that, can't we?
  17. HybriPed

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    I agree

    This discussion really is about whether there should be a sustainable tranport forum. I'd suggest that we drop the words "Save the Planet" from the title. MBs can't save the planet. Maybe the forum could be something like "Sustainable Transport: Economy/Environment/Active Transport"
  18. bluegoatwoods

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    I'm inclined to think that pondering sustainable transport would be a good idea.

    And it's kinda overdue among our leaders and society as a whole.

    But is there a whole lot of subject matter there for MBers to work with?
    Whether individuals here want to be green or think it's just a "liberal conspiracy", we all still ride a more sustainable vehicle than the auto.

    So it might be like preaching to the choir.
  19. beachcruiser

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    I think someone once said " Man in his arrogance, man thinks he
    is capable of destroying nature."
  20. BSA

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    Hera here

    There is no evidence to support global warming, just crooks theifs and swindlers