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    Occasionally a Hard Drive will crash, I'm sure that most do or everyone should have a back up of important files. Here is a program that will keep a copy of everything you want to save. I go so much as have a file of ALL programs that are on my computer. I keep the setup .exe files there. Think about all those files you have and trying to remember them. Drop box will have them.

    Another thing about Dropbox is that you can get to any file you put in Dropbox, anywhere in the world that you have internet access. Other then my operating system, I back up my whole computer file systems there.

    Best of all it's FREE

    Take a look and see if it's for you.
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    Ron -

    Very good advice. I read again today where a company computer hard drive crashed. Nobody for years made regular backups. Now the department head is sending out cries for help to recover the unique contents. I wish him luck.

    I keep my home computers until they flat out are too slow or completely die. It is infrequent, but every once in a while I will look for files that I created six years ago, sometimes further back. It is usually on a backup CD I made and wrote on the front a description of the disc.

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    I had CD back ups, one's gone. Had a CD that I couldn't find any imperfections, and it was still corrupted. Also use a WEB based Email system... You can retrieve Emails anywhere you can get internet. I dumped Microsoft's and went to Gmail.