Saved by the inlaws!


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6:42 AM
Aug 14, 2022
I am so stoked, as some of you guys may have read , I've been going thru a kinda rough patch.
After being a professional tattooer for the past 23 years I had to stop due to severe carpal tunnel, R.A. , and nerve damage to my hand.
The week after I stopped working my bike went to sh*t and I've been struggling just to keep something running and find a whole new career! No money for parts , family to feed, no transportation, things were looking pretty bleak.
Well yesterday my father in law called me and asked how the bike was coming, I told him gearbox was shot and couldn't even afford the hundred bucks for the replacement. So he asks me how I'd like a predator engine to throw in my bike, of course I said yes!
Well , my in-laws gifted me a limited edition snap-on tools Coleman 212! Such a beautiful mini bike , I wish I could leave it as is but Coleman's aren't street legal here where as motorized bikes are fine. So tomorrow he's taking me to pick it up then I'm going to be putting the motor and light on my micargi! After we go pick it up I'll post up some pics
But I've never been so thankful or touched in my 44 years.
Can't wait to share the results with you guys!
Stay safe fellas and keep living the motorized life