Saw cool exhaust part..can't find again???

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    I'm trying to figure out, an exhaust system 66 cc slant head. Went down the wrong road, with banana expansion chamber I guess. I was jumping all over the Internet, and found this part, that bolts to the exhaust engine discharge. It looked interesting, it was finned, and reminded me of the heatsink part you would see on a Triumph motorcycle exhaust. It was machined out of an aluminum billet, and I think he had said they called it a header or something. Darn, I just can't find it again, anybody know about this??

    And I'm still scratching my head about an exhaust system, for this project, any help would be appreciated.:sweatdrop::ack2::confused:

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    Outstanding, thank you so much!!!! I feel so brain-dead, that's it