Say goodbye to Stork Craft Manufacturing in Canada

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    WASHINGTON-The head of the Consumer Product Safety Commission promised swift action to get dangerous products off the market, after acknowledging Tuesday that it didn't move quickly enough on a record recall of more than 2 million cribs linked to four deaths.

    "We were not advancing this case as quickly as possible," Chairman Inez Tenenbaum said in an interview with The Associated Press. "So, I put all of the resources for the agency on this project so that they could accomplish this goal of recalling the crib."

    At issue are some 2.1 million drop-side cribs made by Stork Craft Manufacturing of Canada. Four infants suffocated in the cribs.

    CPSC said the recall involves 1.2 million cribs in the United States and almost 1 million in Canada, where Stork Craft is based. Sales of the cribs being recalled date back to 1993 and nearly 150,000 of the cribs carry the Fisher-Price logo.

    Drop-side cribs have one side that moves up and down to allow parents, especially shorter adults, to lift children from the cribs more easily. There have been 110 incidents of the drop-side detaching from the Stork Craft cribs, according to the agency.

    In the case of Stork Craft and other drop-side cribs, the hardware used to put the crib together can break, deform or become missing after years. There also can be problems with assembly mistakes by the crib owner. Parents often take the crib apart after one child has grown out of it, and then reassemble the crib later for another baby -- and that can lead to parts that aren't assembled properly. The hardware and misassembly problems can cause the drop-side to detach, creating a dangerous V-like space between the drop-side and the crib mattress, where a child can become trapped and suffocate.


    Here we go again - a government agency latching on to a "crisis" and going into "crisis mode". 2 million cribs and four deaths since 1993. Is riding a MB that safe? It also states that owners could have been using them with broken hardware (instead of replacing the hardware themselves), or they were improperly assembled by the owner.

    The good politicians in Suffolk County, NY have already sprung into action and banned drop side cribs. What would we do without them? Maybe MMMBHO can do something about this travesty!

    You'll see this company get put out of business by all the lawsuits that will crop up. I can see the commercials already. The company will fold, and we'll be buying our cribs from some place in China.

    For many parents, the drop side crib offers a needed feature. So when that style of crib is banned for sale in the USA, the old and worn out ones will continue to get used. They will create a black market - just like they are doing with the 2 stroke HT bicycle engines.
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    Yeppers, I'm afraid this country of ours is going down a path to self destruction and there seems to be no return. Too many people are aware of this but are too complacent and will to accept what they get. Did anybody watch the cancelled tv series of a few years ago called "Jerico". Those are the kind of people we need NOW!
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    I'll sleep sound tonight knowing The MarxoFascist Obama and all his comrades are look'n out for kerf. Excuse me, I'm going to throw up now!
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    Minor politicians with big plans.They need a crusade now they have it.