Say Hey! Robin Subaru ECO4ER Engines

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    I'm not a rider, but I was floating around Google looking for some information about Robin Subaru ECO4ER engines. I happen to have three of them brand new in the box and it would appear that this motor is is used in motorized bikes. I noticed in your forum that one gentleman was patricularly desparate.

    Well, hese engines are for sale. I don't even know what to charge for them. I bought them to convert for radio control boats. WRONG! I hope they may find a home with some of you folks. My e-mail adderess
    is and I can be reached at 217-356-7465. Tom Cornell

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    A little more detail might be nice. I.E. displacement, RPM, clutch size/shaft size, etc. You could post a pic or 2 after a few posts. Excuse my ignorance but I've never heard of that model. I like my EHO35 and if the model you speak of is a bit heftier, I'd be interested.
    More info please. But I'm gonna search the web now to see what I can see.
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    Here's some info:
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    Robin Subaru 40 cc 2.0 hp, two cycle
    HORIZONTAL SHAFT. 9/16" dia. x 3 - 5/32" long, stepped to 1/2" dia., 3/8" from end. D/T - Overall length to bearing seal is 4 - 1/16" Recoil Start, push button stop, manual choke, Electric "On DEMAND" type throttle control. Mikuni Corp. Carb, Float type.
    This engine does not have or use a centrifugal clutch.
    Note: No muffler, Muffler is extra.
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    additional info - Robin-Subaru ECO4ER

    The onlything I can add to the above is that it weighs 6 lbs. 15 oz. I have some pictures if I can figure out how to post them. Best to all, Tom
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    ECO$ER Engine

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    ECO4ER Engine pictures

    I attempted to post the pictures. ? did they go? Tom