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  1. Just wanted to say hi, as I'm new to the motorized biking scene.

    I used to have a DH Norco, but slowly got tired of pedaling. About 6 months ago I got my first engine and stuck it on a bike laying around the garage. I drove that around, and went back and forth to work, and not I'm going to make it a bit more powerful. Thought it would be good to have somewhere to get some info if I run into problems.

    Any way my planned upgrades I'll be getting in the next month or so are:

    Boost bottle
    SBP expansion chamber exhaust
    racing carb (not sure wich one)

    Anyway thats a little bit of why I'm here, and what I plan to do.

    If anyone has some suggestions of possible parts/mods I could do let me know. I just sold my Norco so have some cash to play with.

    The latest pic of my ride (replaced the engine at the beggining of the summer)


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    Hi Schwinn, welcome to Motoredbikes!
  3. Thanks, will post some new pics when the bike is finished. :pleased:

    Noticed I'm one of the younger ones here, with isn't alwyas a good thing. :grin5: