SBC shift kit REAR AXLE question

Discussion in 'Performance Mods' started by ironman, Jul 15, 2010.

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    O.K. Right now I'm waiting for the Big Brown truck to ride down the street with a shift kit, so I decided to go through the whole bike properly (lubing cables, repacking bearings,etc.) I can only download the stuff SBC has for info on their kit I'm waiting for and it says I should use a chrome-moly axle. Now just how does one determine what composition the axle is? The bike is an older Huffy "Tremor"and has changed hands a few times before I got it. Without having a Metallurgical degree, can you guys give me some help?

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    My guess would be, that it is not a chrome-moly axle. The bikes that you see with the quick release axles are chrome-moly. You should be able to get one at a bike shop and change it over. From what I've seen on here, you will need to do it, The regular axles will bend under the pressure of a shift kit.
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    What we (SBP) are saying is use a good alloy axle, or rather don't use a cheapie. Doesn't absolutely have to be Cr-Mo alloy, but that is typically the alloy of choice for consumer grade quality bike axles.

    People have used low grade axles for years with no bendage. Then it some a variable of engine power, shifting like an escaped felon, and too many pancakes for get the picture.

    As for the bike in question. How old is it?
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    I have an older huffy MTB and it did not come with a chrome moly axle.
    I bent 2 regular axles with the shift kit.
    Regular axles are shiny metal, chrome moly axles are dark colored black looking.
    It was inexpensive and well worth the $ 8 bucks or so.
    You'll need to verify the axle diameter(mine was 3/8") and the length.
    Longer than original is ok.
    You'll need to use your own cones on the new ones.
    Remove the old axle by undoing the nut and jam nut from the non-freewheel gear cluster side and slide the axle out.
    If the bearings are the loose ball type, beware when removing the axle because they'll roll all over the floor making you say bad words.
    Clean everything really well and pack axle grease into the "cups" inside the wheel.
    The grease will hold the bearings in while you re insert the new axle.
    I haven't had a bit of trouble since I replaced mine and it's been a good 400 miles or so.
    By the way don't get discouraged, Niagara Cycles are slow shippers but I have ordered at least 6 things from them and they are good and cheap for everything having to do with bikes.

    Here's the link to Niagara thru
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    Thanks guys,

    The big brown truck showed up and I put everything together and got it up and running... It looks like I do have a cheapo axle, so an upgrade to a better axle is in the immediate future. The first time I shifted under a little power I could tell-this thing shifts like a pro-stock dragster with an alcohol motor. And my pancakes don't help it out any either. A Nuvinci hub would be a real asset with this kit with the seamless gear changes and the smoothness to all the components. I just want to add that the guys at Sic Bike Parts totally rock. Phone calls are returned immediately, e-mails are answered promptly, and even when I didn't want to bother them with a tiny problem like a chrome moly axle and tried to get an answer from an outside source on this site, Pablo answered first, so thanks a million and expect all possible future business that I may have to go your way.