SBP adds SHORT spark plugs!

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  1. Pablo

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    Stubby plugs with an improved twist. First of all these are short, compact plugs for folks with clearance issues. However they have the extended tip. So, no need to live with a plug that sparks basically inside the spark plug hole just because you must use a compact plug. The other nice thing is our low profile 90° plug boot fits this plug quite well. Available in two heat ranges.

    Plus of course you get the good quality of an NGK plug for $2.49 each.

    Now because we started buying so many plugs, we can lower our price on all of our plugs to $2.49!

    BPM6A Compact Plug
    BPM7A Compact Plug

    SBP Line up

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  2. Mountainman

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    nice -- addition to the plug line -- well needed

    put some sweet fire in the hole

    always fun to ride that motor bike thing
  3. Pablo

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    Just so folks know, the typical short plug equivalent to Champion CJ7Y is BM7A. But these both have the 3/8" thread length and the 49cc-69cc HT engines have 1/2" hole depth heads. This is the real beauty of the extended tip.