SBP expansion chamber mods??

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    is there any modifications you can do to the sbp expansion chamber? like in the silencer part? i know in the stock muffler you could drill holes or cut the inner pipe? anyone tried things??

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    why ?

    When I put my pipe on I noted that my power almost doubled. The power band was very narrow though. I took off about a half inch of pipe in the top section and it made a big difference. I don't think that you need to make it easier to breathe to get any more power out of it. The reason it works has more to do with the shape of the pipe and the shock wave than anything else.

    Mike Frye
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    Hi guys, im interested on aquire one of those SBP Expansion chambers but i have doubts regarding mouning points and that silicone tubbing has me little worried, it is easy to install? material quality? duration?
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    pipe stuff

    Of all of the things that failed on my motorbicycle the pipe I got at Sick Bike Parts was not one of them. I think I need to get some more of the connecting tubing and I was thinking of making a better mount for the section that holds the pipe to the bike frame.

    I think its on their sight (I got the cheep black one). The connecting tubing is about eight bucks and other than that its been holding together really well. I have remounted the pipe three times so that may have caused it to wear a bit more than usual.

    For me the mounting was not that hard ,but I did have some clearance problems with the pipe when it got near the crank. I flatted the end piece so it would clear the left crank arm and I used a bit of balling wire to position the pipe in place and keep it there. Its really worth the effort.

    Mike Frye

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