SBP Heavy Duty Air Filter Benefits?

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by asfazrq, Jun 10, 2010.

  1. asfazrq

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    Hi I was wondering what the benefit is of SBP Heavy duty air filters. they also have a standard one and a low profile. from a performance standpoint is there any difference? changed in speed or torque? why buy?

    Also the same thing for an Exhaust Expansion chamber? any benefits there?


  2. asfazrq

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    would anyone please care to answer my question. thank you.
  3. Pablo

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    There should not be any performance difference between the standard and HD AF. They both have about the same surface area. The HD is more sturdy and is actually custom molded to fit the face of the carb. People have reported performance gains at the top end with all three AF's.

    The expansion chamber is vastly superior to stock, there are fairly huge performance gains with the expansion chamber installed and fully tuned.
  4. asfazrq

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    so a question regarding the expansion chamber - as you had mentioned that it increases performance. I am thinking more RPMs. Does that decease the life of the engine? Thanks for your help!
  5. Pablo

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    Not really any more RPM's just more power and really more torque in the tuned powerband. Increase in engine life.
  6. Pablo

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    I guess with a pipe, the engine will rev a bit more freely, but that's not really the point of an expansion chamber.
  7. danlandberg

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    The gain in RPMs is not in how many, but how soon you reach them! The SBP X-Chamber is the best performance add on you can get!!!! Once you put one on you will you will see (feel) the power increase through the entire RPM range! More so at mid to high RPM range if tuned according to the instructions provided! Everything you add, (66cc "speed" carb w/larger throat, Air filter w/better flow, angle fire head for better compression & combustion, X-chamber for increased scavenging). All these things add up to more HP, Which means you won't have to push the engine so hard to go faster than you should on a bicycle. Should increase engine life! It's all a matter of tuning everything together!!! Don't forget a good NGK spark plug!!!!
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    I actually cut the stock filter today so it can breathe more freely, will post pics as soon as possible
  9. danlandberg

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    Air filter mod

    I just drilled some holes for better flow.

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