Jackshaft SBP shift kit freewheel chain clearance question

Discussion in 'Transmission / Drivetrain' started by SBP shift kit install, May 10, 2016.

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  1. [​IMG][/url][/IMG] hi guys,

    So I'm in the process of installing my brand new shift kit from SBP. I'm installing on a bike that's a few years old, that I've motorized before, but has been sitting now.

    Issue is that when I was installing today, got the pedal crank converted from 1piece to 3 piece, and installed the freewheel and sprocket assembly, put on my bike chain and realized there REALLY isn't much space. Doesn't seem straight? As in the sprockets seem angled toward the rear?

    I know this is confusing , so I've posted a picture to explain.

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    I cannot see the picture. Have you contacted SBP directly?