SBP shifter kit occ chopper

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    Well im jonathan and I have a motorized schwinn occ chopper bike. Im looking into putting a sbp shifter kit on it so any help is greatly appriciated. Heres a pic of it.

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  2. mamba5700hnn

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    jonathan From NC

    Hey well im jonathan ive built a weedeater powered occ chopper and a 66cc motorized chopper. Im looking into putting a shift kit on the chopper. i joined the form to get some ideas and tip on putting a gear cluster on the back wheel. PLease any help is good.
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    occ shift kit

    Several of us have built shift kit s-ray occ. They are quit similar and not that hard. After many, many miles of riding my 5 speed I believe all you really need is 3 speeds, as high will go faster than an occ should go and first gear is enough to climb any hill.

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