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    Pablo and Ghost,
    Any chance I can convince you guys to stock and sell Stilh roller wrist pin bearings on your website? There is a Stilh part that will work with our engines and is superior to the OEM roller bearing that has a nasty reputation of having a flimsy cage that disentegrates when you are at the farthest point away from home.

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    I am sending one of my spare engines to a friend that builds race motors for Karts and ATV's. He will asses the needs of these engines and soon provide a rebuild and upgrade service for these engines. When he is done I am sure he will have many suggestions as to what parts need upgrading and where we can get them. If things pan out I don't see why we wouldn't offer replacement bearings.
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    Hi Ghost

    Thankyou so very much for looking into the issue of upgrading our Happy Time style Chinese bicycle engines.
    We, or at least "i" am desperatly looking for an overall solution to the troubling weaknesses with these engines and their terrible mechanical reliability, mainly steming from crankshaft and connecting rod problems.

    I am on a similar path to what you're looking into, but i don't have all of the technicial skills to make an instantanious assessment when looking at the mechanical side of the engine.
    I have some well informed ideas but need to constantly get advise from people who actually know from experience how to correctly diagnose and rectify problems with small 2-stroke engines.
    It can be a painfully slow way of making headway as there are some "so called" knowledgeable people in the industry who have a reputation based around them selling a lot of bulls*#t stories to the uninitiated - the old addage holds true in this game, ignorance is no excuse for accepting bad advice.

    I'll be posting a simple solution, enabling a common sized bearing to be used for the big end side of the connecting rod, after the machine work has been completed.

    With anticipation, i look forward to the possibility of being able to purchase a "Super Deluxe" style parts kit on the SickBikeParts website, for upgrading the weak points of these Happy Time style engines.

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