Scaredy Cat Test

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by bikebum1975, Jan 23, 2009.

  1. bikebum1975

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  2. Pablo

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    What the heck is queendom?

  3. Mountainman

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    got a 20 on that test thing

    unless a ghost jumps right in bed with me -- it's no big deal

    don't fear what man or ghost can do to you

    but -- a little fear of God is a good THING
  4. SimpleSimon

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    That's pretty lame. I scored zero.
  5. arceeguy

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    Isn't clicking links like that a great way to get a virus? :)
  6. bikebum1975

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    I wouldn't have posted it if I thought a chance of getting a virus
  7. arceeguy

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    I was just bustin' your chops because you had also posted that "virus warning" thread. No worries mate. :)
  8. Revorunner

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    I got 50 points.:whistling::whistling:
  9. srdavo

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    yeah... I got 50, too.... said it would be boring to watch a scary movie with me.....& I like scary movies & books. hard to beat Dean Koontz!!
  10. cooltoy

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    Boy, you got me hooked on that stupid site. I call it stupid because I just spent the last two hours doing the iQ test. It was hard and horrible, my brain is tired! I got 135 on the iQ and 13 on the scary test. I guess i'll have to google IQ to see how stupid the test said I was.

    Edit;well, after seeing that 135 is about 50 points higher than I would rate myself, I'd say the test was flawed. That was way to high for a nut like myself.
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  11. bikebum1975

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    Yeah it is a bit addicting haven't gone through the whole site yet myself. I don't know if I should dare to take the IQ test myself. But thought it was amusing Glad ya'all are having fun with it
  12. MotorMac

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    test question

    I thought that at least this question was realistic and interesting. Would you buy a house where someone had died in the master bedroom? the room you would sleep in?
    I answered NO to that one!
    By the way I got 25 too.
  13. alex

    alex Guest

    I got a 30 on the test, but realistically if I were in any of those situations I would probably chicken out 9/10 times.
  14. azbill

    azbill Active Member

    I got zero :(
    I have no pulse :)
  15. ibdennyak

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    ha ha ha. Know the feeling. I was pulled over by the Highway Patrol one time and the trooper was checking my CDL. All was going well until she checked my health card and found it had expired. She looked me up and down, hesitated for a bit, and asked me if I was in good health. I answered, "I don't a pulse a requirement"? She (yeah, a lady trooper) broke out laughing and told me to get going so I could take care of the health card.

  16. Pablo

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    What is a "health card"?
  17. ibdennyak

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    Oh, to have a CDL or pilots license, and maybe other certs, you are required to have a physical every two years. The objective is to remove people with possibly dangerous health problems from driving big rigs or fklying planes. Kind of simple really, they check your heart and lungs, various other organs, see if you are diabetic or subject to seizures, and make suire you can see. Then they check you for color blindness (my only hitch) and send you on your way after paying the doctor about $130.00. In my case I have them call the DOT and instead of the standard color blindness test they suggest that if I can tell the difference between a red, green, and yellow sheet of paper I'm good to go. It got to the point that I brought my own sheets of paper. :goofy:
  18. Revorunner

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    IQ tests do not mean anything.If you are smart enough to ride a MB that's all you need.:2thumbsup:
  19. Pablo

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    That's what I'm talking about!!
  20. Revorunner

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