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    Greetings fellow bikers-
    I've been a long time reader of the forums, this is my first time posting so please bear with me here.
    I'm a semi retired industrial mechanic.
    By day(during the summer) I work as a bicycle mechanic in a great shop in Brooklyn N.Y.,
    By night (all year round ugh!)I'm a bouncer and security guard at nightclubs and bars
    I've been building and riding motorized bikes since i first bolted an old McCullough chain saw engine into my old 10 speed way back in the early 70s(no suspension, weak 27" wheels and very iffy brakes) it was a death trap but i loved it and quickly became hooked.
    Back then we had no "kits", you pretty much HAD to make everything yourself, so I've gotten pretty adept at solving technical problems and i really enjoy seeing how others cope with problems on there builds.
    Over the years I've built quite a few motor bikes for customers and I'm looking forward to watching building and posting right along with you guys!
    Ok... enough of the getting to know you thing...
    Into the shop... lets get SCARY fast!

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    Welcome Phantom,

    I've dreamed about motorized bicycles since middle school, when I saw one in a science digest book. Of course, it seemed impossible, because I'd never seen one until 50 years later.

    Now I'm living that boyhood dream.:tt1:

    FWIW, be careful using the word "fast" here. Some people think it's a dirty word.:whistling:
  3. Phantombiker1

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    Tell me about it

    Whats up with that anyway?
    they sound like my mom.
    fast is good.