Hello, I am new to motored bikes and plan to register on the site soon. I am building a board track/early motorcycle replica project and am looking for (LINKS AND PICS) places that have nice part BREAKDOWNS on the different setups people are using.

I am leaning toward the Whizzer style (I like the look of the belt vs. chain) , but other setups as well. I am mechanical enough to build from scratch, so I am not looking to just buy a kit. New vs. old setups, gearboxes, engine mounts, sprockets, brakes etc.

The bike is a 74 Schwinn Breeze that is going to be modified a bit. I am looking to do a vintage look with balloon tires and just need to know what parts will work with what I already have. For example: The bike is already a 26" frame, and I know I need the older style HD wider rims to fit balloon tires. HOWEVER, I haven't a clue to what interchanges with what! Like, how does the sheave mount to the rim? How do I convert to a single, from a 3 speed? Thanks for any help!