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  1. So I started all this about 1 year ago with just a basic kit. After blowing the first motor I decided to get a new one and see if I can go faster since I sold my old Norco DH bike for $550.

    Anyway I got about $450 into it (not including bike, found it in the ditch) but it was the cheapest speed I could get I think of. It will do 68KPH (about 42MPH) and fly up hills with eas. Mods are...

    Engine kit - $140 ebay beast
    New Engine - $70
    SBP Expansion Chamber - $100
    Chain + 36 tooth sprocket - $55
    Boost bottle - $25
    Speedo - $30
    "Speed" carb - $30
    Modified air filter - About 5 mins. work and helped alot.

    Only finished this weeked, and still figuring out how to put the fenders on. I'll post some pics anyway.

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  2. adb140275

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    ditch the fenders.... its for the better. could you post more on the air filter mod?
  3. Ok, I'll post what I did later. It was my last mod so that became they weak poit. I gain 3 kmh on the top end, and a bit of torque.

    Also, I don't care what the fenders look like, it just hate getting soaked of wet pavement while its not even raining.
  4. K-Ryder

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    Wow that is a cheap build, but a good gain it came out to be.
  5. Just did a run today. Going at between 45-50 kmh I can get 2.33 l/100km (121 MPG).
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    Screw a car, bikes are back in the game. Way better mileage.
  7. Where I live a bike is still not enough. Everything is too far apart.
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    its mudder was a mudder.