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    a recent post had me finding this book again. it really is a good read, especially if you are contemplating starting a business.

    for a taste of the humor contained... just in the first page or two...

    I’m the one writing this book. You can blame it all on me. I have no illusions of this being a best-seller, or of it changing the world. But I think we have an interesting story—one that others can learn from, both in and out of audio.

    “Oh yeah?” you ask, leaning back and crossing your arms. “Well, I ain’t gonna read no sixty thousand words about some small-time company just to get few phrases that belong on Sucksessories posters.”

    all in all, quite amusing.

    some good business rules, such as this one...

    Business Lesson 2: Don’t ship stuff that blows up. Ever.

    yes, its posted in a forum board, so there will be a lot of scrolling past the standard inane comments and posts...
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