School Me On: Tensioners

That bike looks sexy as hell
Heres a better look see at it

For those with larger frames this is possible to do. Those of us with smaller frames who cannot move or adjust our engines are stuck using half links etc... My frame is so small the damn engine barely fits with stock mounts front and back. If I put a modified front engine mount on it, the carb will hit the seat tube.

I'm content with my spring loaded tensioner, I take a peek at it every once in a while, while I am riding, it seems to be doing a pretty good job. The key with the spring loaded tensioners is to not have too much slack. If you do it will bind up when trying to start. I've gotten as close as I can to running without a tensioner but given my rear sprocket size / frame size / engine placement it's just not possible.

The spring loaded also relieves (or helps to) any wobble or non-centric rear sprocket gears. I've put about 600 or 700 miles on mine so far without issues.