Schurman Iron Ranch / Whizz-in / Old Bicycle Swap Meet in Clark Co. Washington

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    Hi all the Becker's here,
    We had a wonderful time at the Iron Ranch.

    We had to fight the rain but between rain drops the turn out was pretty good.

    The Whizz-in had eight Whizzers and one motorcycle on the ride. We cut the ride short because of the weather and got soaked on the way back but most of us are used to the rain and didn't melt. The bikes however had problems with the belts and were slipping because of the wet. I think we topped our bikes out at 30 mph.
    [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG] Thanks Bill Green for no "Gremlins". Bill built or rebuilt both of our bikes (the black 2004 and green 2006).

    This was my first Whizz-in ride (Melissa) and I rode our green 2006 Whizzer that we call "Gizmo" (no it did not have more little Whizzers, it likes to have Gremlins, but not that day). Before the rain really got going I had the bike at 55 mph but only for a few seconds and just about that time Bill Green came up behind me and passed me on his red bike that he is building for Bonneville Salt Flats. I just wasn't comfortable yet with my riding skills to maintain much over 40 mph. Even though we were drenched I would go again. If only we could take our son with.[​IMG]

    Our son Carston picked his bike...

    Actually that is my next question. We are looking for a vintage child bicycle seat. There were two at the meet and one was for sale for $25 but I do not know who had them. Does anyone have one? We are checking eBay and craigslist. The pics are from eBay.[​IMG][​IMG]

    Check for more pics soon...

    Chris, Melissa, and Carston Becker

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    I made it to that meet. Was cool to see a Bluebird and a Hiawatha arrow in person.

    Was hopeing to have my happy time ready for the ride but no luck. Probably would have gotten beaten up by the wizzer thugs
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    I was there too!!

    What an amazing place Iron Ranch is for all things old and mechanical!! Thousands, I mean thousands of items... Old model A and T cars, for Phaeton, steam car, a steam locomotive and coal car, tons of unrestored Whizzers, restored Whizzers, a Bowden Spacelander, Elgin Bluebird, etc, etc, etc..... unbeleivable!

    I want to thank Jim Brighton, Harry, Doug, Max and the rest who helped me get my Whizzer running properly so I could go on the ride. You guys were fantastic and I can't tell you how much I appreciated it! I clocked it at 40 mph on my way back to the hotel! (Mine is the red one in the middle of the first pic)

    I will post more pics in my other thread soon.

    Cheers.... Wayne
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    To the original poster. There is one of those schwinn seats on ebay right now.