Schwinn 10 speed

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  1. daddiodanger

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    this was a bit of a pain in the butt to accomplish, but it works great. it was a fun project. its a little hard to handle on a rough road, however.
    i shaved the head and opened the ports a bit. side gapped and indexed the plug. put an 8mm wire on. polished the piston. found an ebay pocket bike exhaust, cut and rewelded it to fit. the carb and boost box is for a pocket bike. i made a manifold out of high density (polyethyline?). it was super easy. the seat mount is a modified bike rack, nothing special.
    i haven't tested the top speed since i switched out the float carb, but i did get it up to 42mph.

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  2. motoschwinn

    motoschwinn Guest

    Different looking. That sharp edge by the seat, down by the 'meat & potatoes' would have me worried a bit. I like the exhaust, what carb set up is that, and was it hard to retrofit?
  3. SimpleSimon

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    Nice motorcycle.
  4. JemmaUK

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    What worries me more is the position of the exhaust - hard stop and those meat and potatoes as you so quaintly put it are gonna be a roast dinner..

    Its certainly a nice style though - I had an old raleigh racer that looked like that.. and would have lasted about 10 feet after the first bump lol

    good luck with it

    Jemma xx
  5. I like the throttle/clutch on your right. It looks real smooth on handlebars like that.
    Is there an air filter for that sweet carby setup?
    You should consider putting your pedals back on with wide cranks to clear your exhaust and fix it to one gear that way you can make uphill starts and keep the law away.
    How tall are you?
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  6. Mopedamauter79

    Mopedamauter79 New Member

    How on earth do you sit on that ??
  7. daddiodanger

    daddiodanger New Member

    you sit far enough back that the frame isn't a problem. just in case i cut about an inch and a half off and rounded it.

    the carb is a walbro wt-813, i think. it has an accelerator pump which needs a vaccum port, so i tapped one in the front of the motor. i bought that velocity stack so i can put a filter on it but i really don't care. i had to make the manifold which wasn't to hard. just cut it out of high density polyethyline

    the exhaust hasn't been a problem. matter of fact i've burnt myself on the clutch cover more times than the exhaust standing next to the bike.
  8. motoschwinn

    motoschwinn Guest

    That carb set-up is wild, I like it.
  9. bushido

    bushido Member

    cool style. I bet you are practically horizontal when on this thing. you should get a video @ 42mph!
  10. NunyaBidness

    NunyaBidness Member

    we, or at least I, have a need to see a video of this ride in action.:grin:
  11. Pablo

    Pablo Motored Bikes Sponsor

    Call banyon!!

    So you always start it on hills??
  12. sparky

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    I've never wanted to see a video of an MB so bad before...

    Please please us!