Schwinn 17 function speedo 'fix'



Both my bikes have the Schwinn red trimmed 17 function speedometer with the large battery and the screw down battery cover and I notice in pics that many have found out this one works better against resetting or flashing on n off as most seem to do. (Target has em) However, BOTH of my speedos on both bikes did the same thing within 10 days of each other after flawless performance for a total of 1600 miles between both bikes. If the following happens to you here is the 'fix' that worked on both of them ....

The speed will just freeze, mine froze at 4 mph and the other froze at 8mph. Even after stopping and snapping it off of the holder the speed stayed frozen . I tried every button, the double button reset push, nothing worked. I decided it must be a dying lithium battery and unscrewed the back and took it out. Decided to put it back in and everything reset to the start position as when first purchased. Both did this within 10 days of each other. If its weak batteries then I guess they will both freeze again but so far so good. If you like to retain your odometer mileage to see how many total miles your engines are racking up, remember that a nice feature on these Schwinn 17 function units is you can re-enter your lost mileage when in odo mode by pressing the left button and holding it down. the last digit will flash. change it with the right button. repeat all the way across till you have your old mileage back again. Keep the first digit at zero if your mileage is in the hundreds or use the first digit if your engine has reached the 1000 mile or more mark.