Schwinn 26" coaster rear wheel


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12:35 PM
Apr 9, 2008
Richmond, NH
I really should have cleaned and greased it before I went 300 miles on my new motor !

Some bearings are shot - attached is exploded pic of rear wheel components. The red line indicates the trashed bearing. The green line where I THINK the bearing rides, although I found it at the blue line. What is the purpose of the groove at the blue line, anyone know ?

It is a 9 ball bearing that is shot, when I put the other one in its place, it rides at the green line. But again the groove at the blue line is trashed, scratched up. I am guessing the bearing collapsed to here and scraped it up.

My questions are:

1. Is it worth rebuilding the wheel, or should I get a new one. If I were to get a new one, anyone name a good supplier ? Hoping it will last - If I take care of it !

2. Looks like a 7 ball and 2 9 ball bearings. Anyone have a good source of these - again of quality ?

Crashed and burned


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I keep EVERYTHING as far as bearings and coaster brake shoes....I probably have all that in my little plastic drawers in my garage.
My question to you. That's not the sprocket side. Even if it was,do you think with a lot of grease you can run that side without a cage? You'd end up with more bearings on there (probably one or two more) making it a bit stronger. It will stay put with enough grease in the bearing race. You can get bearings for that anywhere. Driving around your neighborhood would find you a trashed kiddy bike. Then you got bearings!
Thanks Large - the cage is outermost

Held in by the "bendix" break arm. Maybe you are right, I could stuff bearings in there and a lot of grease and it would all be held in by the bendix arm ?

I guess I would like to put it back the way it was, if I can find the bearings + cage.

By the way, is there any reason you can't / shouldn't fill up the whole hub with grease ? Are you just supposed to grease the bearing runs, or the whole hub ?

Its a 9 bearing cage, I don't have the diameter. I am going to try to find it at Memory Lane classics. If not, maybe I can give you an OD and ID of the cage, and you might have one ? I would pay you for it...

You can try a bike shop actually. I really don't know as to the age of the bearings I have. It's just all in my drawer;they could even be different sized.
Maybe a bike shop could sell you an entire kit. Those bendix brakes are popular.
Back in the day,20 inch coasters were all over the place. You can still find them today.
I bet if you fished around you can find a good working one for almost nothing that you can swap everything into your rim.