Discussion in 'General Questions' started by Bill Snow, Mar 31, 2007.

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  1. Bill Snow

    Bill Snow Guest

    Finished this bike about a month ago and it turned out very nice.

    The bike has plenty of power for the hills, runs and idles down smooth. Starts right up too, in just a few feet.

    It did not do well at first, I had to make a better gasket for the intake and where the carb slides onto the intake tube it was sucking air which had to be sealed. Now it runs like a charm. The dealer I bought the engine from said to break it in with a 16:1 mix, which seemed too rich but it still runs fine.

    I was able to get the back sprocket right on center and aligh the chain good so it operates smooth with no chain jump. The chain did stretch everytime I went around the block it seemed. Finally it got so bad that I had to replace it with a heavy duty chain, I'll see how that works.

    There was another forum called "Spitfire Motors" that I read often. One problem that came up several times was "broken spokes". I ordered a set of wheels with Heavy duty spokes (I think there called "105 spokes"??) and I laced the spokes together where they cross, just on the side of the engine drive sprocket. Another thing I learned is: after several miles some of the spokes may come loose and can break. I have just standard spokes on the Golden Eagle set up and have done the above. So far,no broken spokes.

    One thing I should mention, someone on this forum suggested using a locking braking lever for the clutch. Followed their suggestion and it sure works nice. That is a good idea, thanks to whoever posted the info.

    Well, that's about it, nice forum, thanks for setting it up and watching over it so well.

    OH YES, tried to post a picture using your up load box. I must be too thick headed, All I got was error when pulling from the picture file. I'm not very sharp when it comes to these computers so I must have done something wrong - sorry.

    Best Regards

    Bill Snow

    Lynchburg, Virginia

  2. gone_fishin

    gone_fishin Guest

    neat post, bill...spokes sure do seem to be an issue for some folks, i've been lucky but diligent just in case.

    about the upload thingy...if you get an error while opening the window, just try again. if it's during the attempt to upload, try to make sure the pic is pre-sized to 600 pixels wide maximum, that'll probably do'er for ya 8)
  3. Bill Snow

    Bill Snow Guest

    You are right, I stuck with it and finally got the pictures to your gallery under Schwinn/70cc

    The bike is pretty plain compaired many of those I have seen on your picture gallery but just one more to look at.

    Some members are highly creative which adds a lot of interest. I check out the picture gallery often and making a motorized bicycle gallery of my own. I print the pictures from your gallery and mount them on the wall. beginning to look neat and drawing interest from visitors who see them.

    Bill Snow
  4. gone_fishin

    gone_fishin Guest

    nothing "plain" about a 70cc on a scwhinn, they were made for each other, eh?